Maple syrup and guts for the Daily News Recap of May 12, 2016.


RVA in the TDot

Hey ya’ll, Cameron here with a pre-Toronto Comic Arts Festival news special.

Real busy here, gearing up for TCAF . Last year I did a Richmond, Virginia Line Up for SPX. This year a few of us got into TCAF so I’d like to make a little round up of the marvelous people who will be there!


Melissa Duffy – Outward

Melissa Duffy!

A lovely comic artist who always knows how to take our mind to mysterious parts of thought.

Website Tumblr
Catch her at TABLE 237! 


Kyle Katterjohn

Kyle Katterjohn!

Mysteriously creating in the depths of Richmond, he always come up with the most compelling characters and ideas.
Website Tumblr
Catch him around the same table with Melissa! TABLE 237! 


Tres Dean

Tres Dean!

A local writer in the area who loves, loves, loves wrestling more than anyone I know. Check out some of the comics he’s written!

Gumroad –  Twitter

Also at the table with Melissa and Kyle!


Chris Visions

Chris Visions!

I’m sure you’ve heard of this dude before! Just an anomaly at art, and one of the best dancers ive met, no seriously, dont challenge him in a dance off.

Website – Tumblr – Twitter
TABLE 265! 

Cathryn Virginia

Cathryn Virginia!

Her compelling illustrations will suck you in and have you wondering “like how.. but wait, woaaaah.” She’s always creating such vibrant ideas and images.

Website Tumblr Twitter
TABLE 231! 

RIchie Pope

Richie Pope!

A fellow friend who is always challenging the medium no matter what it is. Also if you wanna learn about rap and hip hop, this is your dude.

Website Tumblr Twitter
TABLE 231!

Cameron W. Nicholson (myself)

I’m cool, hip, and won’t stop till I get to direct 8 movies. Then maybe I’ll become a football player. For now though i’m going to keep throwing animation, comics and illustrations at you!

Website Tumblr Twitter
TABLE 231!

There are too many nice things I can say about each and every one of these great people. Come by the tables and say hi, get a hi-five, or even a hug.

We’re all in this together to make comics and be amazing people! Hope to see ya’ll there!


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