New York Public Library Digital Collections; the tyranny of the cloud; comics journalism in the 1950’s; new interviews to read/read aloud and/or listen to; random word informatics.


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NYPL Digital Collections
Recently, the New York Public Library posted an amazing amount of content to its digital collection. Work above is from Indian coloured drawings: a collection of 177 original paintings on “talc,” etc., with 17 engravings, illustrating costume, vehicles and trades in India and Fred Carlo, Works Progress Administration, respectively.


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Exercises in Scrolling
Colonising the Clouds, an essay about Internet/institutional power structures, physical and virtual territories, ‘memory’, ETC.
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Mid-20th Century Comics Reportage
Featuring work by Noel Sickles (‘The immediacy of a direct drawing or sketch seldom breaks through in the more static nature of other forms of art.’) and Austin Briggs. Essay by Daniel Zalkus.
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Recent Interviews of Note
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Random Word/Phrase/Sentence/Paragraph Generator
This is a good site if you’re in a pinch for words. For illustrative purposes, the Random Paragraph Generator has been utilized above with the following keywords: ‘Frank Santoro’ + ‘Golden Age of Comics’ and ‘Frank Santoro’ + Comics Instruction’.
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