• Nice post, I was really surprised with the winners because I also had some personal favorites that didn’t make it to the prizes, but I liked that the judges had differents point of view, anyway the quality was overwhelming and the process was a real challenge for me, it helped me understand a lot of the mechanics and elements that come into play when you develop a story. Tumblr has been an eye-opener about alternative comics and I hope this continues to go on because the non-verbal communication of reblogs and likes is also really stimulating for making stuff.

    PD. I also uploaded some higher resolution versions of my work if anyone is interested in checking it:

    Part 1: http://abandonboy.tumblr.com/post/60180790413/strange-outpost-larger-one-page-post-part-1

    Part 2: http://abandonboy.tumblr.com/post/60181071105/strange-outpost-larger-version-part-2-of-2

    I still have a long way to go comics-wise, but working on this competition felt really good!

  • I think the contest is a great idea. I live in the middle of nowhere and can’t go to a comics shop and peruse comics. I also can’t afford to buy comics online at the moment. Tumblr has allowed me to see all kinds of comics that I would not have otherwise seen. And the contest made it even better. A bunch of great work in one easy to find and organized place.

    I feel like the contest submissions (and comics on tumblr in general) show of how far comics have come in the last 10 years or so. It was not long ago that (speaking strictly for myself) I felt like I could count all the cartoonists worth following on two hands and possibly a foot. Now I see interesting new things by new cartoonists nearly every week.

    Thank you (!) to those who organized and participated.

  • I want to thank Frank and everyone involved in this competition. My submission is the only comic I’ve been able to finish this year and I doubt I would have found the motivation to come home from my day job and draw til 2am every night if there without a tight deadline. I only have about four hours of free time a day so deadlines are key in maintaining steady energy in comic making instead of being consumed by other endeavors. Artists and writers only get better by making and this sort of friendly competition does nothing but increase the quality of artists and comics out there. I hope more competitions pop up as a result of how well everyone responded to this one. I look forward to seeing all the makers who submitted here growing and drawing a lot more.

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