CWCC 2017 Final Entries List

Here is the complete list of comics that were entered into the Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2017. Thanks to everyone who entered. The winners will be announced shortly (updated Sept. 7th 2017 at midnight EST)

A Period Of Transition by Phillip Dokes
Allen by Doctopmaru (disqualified)
Are You Ready by G.R. Lear
Awash by John Hexer
Bloodsuckers Love Me by Jackie Kirby
Canto V by Amanda Hamilton
Columbus is Going to be Awesome by John Cihon
Deep Clean by Sara Sarmiento
Eksistensens Jeger  by Addley Walker
Force Fields by Paul
Frog Legs by MK
Girl’s Bathroom by Sienna Cittadino
Good Boy City by Jonathan Tune
Hangover Haiku by Foxitalic
Here Comes Racecar by Alexander Moser
Here’s the Light by Tor Brandt
Left Over Soup by The Formal Kid
Living Room by Chris Kohler
Look See by Kevin Zych
Meaning by Mariana Yatsuda Ikuta
Morbid Orbit by Alice Blank
Mother by Evan M. Cohen (disqualified)
Muse by Brandon Alexander Berry
Noffi by Niall Breen
Origen by Josh Bowron
Overtimers by TimersTimers and K-Un
Ping Pang by James Abbit
Push Thru by Jillian Fleck
Reaching Toward Open Sky by LM Bolger
Sandbag Spectator by Jacob Breck (disqualified)
Sea Saga by James Coats
Shop Class by Donald Price
Slow Theft by Simon Reinhardt
Soft Swords by Sam Meister
Sweet Marla by Alex Williams
Ta Ka Ra Zu Ka by Antoine Medes
Teaching English in Taiwan by Iris Yan
Tech Sector Baseball by Moose
The Room by Louise Aleksiejew
To the Mountain, On Your Own, At Night by Tanya Guryel
Tone Deaf by R.D. Addams
Touristing by Louis Deux
Two Girls and A Caricature by Ari S. Mulch
When I Grow Up by James Wilson

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If your entry is not on the list, please let us know so we can make sure it’s complete.


Many thanks to R. M. Rhodes for compiling the list for us again this year!

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