• This was awesome. Great insight. My dad said he read comics as a kid in Mexico. It’s great to see what he could have been looking at. He never recalled the exact names of them as it was years ago. As for my Mom she always mentions Memín Pinguín as a one she read, but I can see how that one can be difficult to discuss. Well, great post!

    • Will, yeah haha my friend (born & raised in Mx, DF) her fave comic is Memin Pingiun and even for her it has been a difficult comic to defend against american and mexican opinion alike, there are a bunch I didn’t mention, I just stuck with these few. Theres this really expensive book (140.00) floating around called “Not just for Children: The Mexican Comic Book in the Late 1960’s and 1970’s”, if you really wanted to do more research! ~anyway thanks for the response.

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