Juan Fernandez with: Aidan Koch’s The Elements of Painting; Rebecca Sugar and Ryan Sands; Supporting Rob Clough; Malachi Ward interviewed; Wowee Zonk at TCAF; Jason Shulman’s Photographs of Films; Virtual Graffiti.


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New Comics – The Elements of Painting
I’m happy to announce that this week we are featuring  Aidan Koch’s The Elements of Painting on Comics Workbook. These strips were originally created for and featured on Comics Workbook in 2013. The full collection is now a 14 page, b/w offset book on newsprint printed in an edition of 500, available on Koch’s site.

The series is a collection of beautiful, observational work that extracts both the dominant and elusive narratives from the paintings Koch observes. Inspiring work that’s sure to get your mind racing.
Read it all here.


Rebecca Sugar & Ryan Sands 

The Society of Illustrators has posted a video of the Rebecca Sugar Q&A from April 3rd at MoCCA 2016. In this spotlight session, Sugar answered questions posed by Youth in Decline publisher Ryan Sands, focusing in particular on her own comics work. Sugar and Sands touched upon depictions of love, working on Margo in Bed, compositional differences between comics and animation, the pastiche of Steven Universe, and how to continue growing when making comics. Soak it up.


Rob Clough drawn by by Josh Bayer (2015)

Support Rob Clough
Comics critic Rob Clough’s family is facing crushing hospital bills. He and his family could use all the help they can get. Please consider donating over on his site.

My family has been crushed by medical expenses in the past month, including a couple of hospitalizations. I would greatly appreciate any donations readers might care to give in order to help defray costs. There’s a paypal button over at the right for those who would care to do so. Reader support has helped keep me and this site going, and I want everyone who’s ever donated to know just how much my family and I appreciate that support.

Clough’s energy and enthusiasm for reviewing comics work is an invaluable resource for independent comics making. No one plows into forward thinking comics and reviews them with gusto and consistency quite like Rob Clough. On a positive note, he is going to be back in the saddle, releasing 3 new reviews a week for the foreseeable future, so there is much to be thankful for.
Donate here.


 INKSTUDS: Sean Ford interviews Malachi Ward 

Malachi Ward makes beautiful, intricate science fiction and fantasy comics. The stories are set in richly illustrated, fantastic landscapes, addressing existential questions and carrying a certain dark edge that I appreciate and associate with some of the very best science fiction writing in prose or comics. I was eager to talk about his recent work: a new short story collection from Alternative Comics called FROM NOW ON, and the serialized story he’s working on with Matt Sheehan in the ISLAND anthology called ANCESTOR. We also talked about time travel, why people explore strange new worlds, religious cults, and why we love Vancouver so much. I think Malachi is doing some really interesting comics right now and I hope you’ll check them out. – Sean Ford

If you like this podcast, and want to hear more, consider supporting Inkstuds on Patreon.



the Wowee Zonk Zone
The Toronto Comic Arts Festival is this coming weekend (May 13-15) and with its arrival comes an exciting flood of self-published zines and comics. The Toronto based comics collective, Wowee Zonk has partnered with TCAF to host a special showcase. Curated by Patrick Kyle, Ginette Lapalme, and Chris Kuzma, the Wowee Zonk Small Press Showcase will highlight some of the most exciting work being made in comics, zines, and independent publishing.
That room is sure to be real colorful, real hot and real sweaty. Not to be missed.

Lots of things are sure to go down at TCAF in the coming week. You can get the lowdown of the latest TCAF news here. They’ve got a fancy app, Guidebook, that allows you to stay abreast with all the happenings with your phone.


Jason Shulman: Fantasia (1940)

Photographs of Films
 Jason Shulman has an upcoming exhibition entitled Photographs of Films at the Cob Gallery, London that reveals what happens when you crush time into a 2 dimensional space. It’s funny stuff. You get some really interesting translations in his process.  Some really subtle directorial and cinematographic decisions are brought to light in this averaging of images. AnOther Mag has a nice selection of Shulman’s photographs and some reflections on his process. Check it out here.

“The images vary so wildly, that’s the remarkable thing about it,” Shulman continues, “and they’re also quite didactic. You can learn something about the director’s style from this kind of kooky translation: you can learn that Hitchcock deals with people, for example, Kubrick deals with composition, Bergman deals with… I mean lots of Bergman films are kind of moody and psychological, much more so than other films. So it’s odd that in one exposure all of these things, although very subjective, kind of come through.”

Jason Shulman: Photographs of Films runs from May 12 until June 4, 2016 at the Cob Gallery, London.


Virtual Graffiti
VR is undergoing a veritable Renaissance. Painting, sculpting, and now this insane Graffiti Simulator. Here’s a look at Kingspray Graffiti Simulator  a new Virtual Reality game soon to launch on SteamVR. I want to see what David Hockney will do with this.

I’ll leave you to start your day with the Don. Stay strong – Juan Fernandez

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