Juan Fernandez here! We start Monday at Comics Workbook with: a newly stocked SCHOOL STORE; Oliver East’s COTTONOPOLIS; Genevieve Castree’s time of need; Roman Muradov in conversation with Tim Hensley on INKSTUDS; Puiupo and Adonis interviewed by Kevin Czap; Eleri Mai Harris on the origins of the Islamic State; Kramers Ergot/ Ganges Mini Tour 2016 Dates.


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School Store STOCKED 
We have some new items up on the school store – ZONA #03 was just released, plus there are some cool comics sets and other collectibles/delectables – check it out!


Cottonopolis by Oliver East

I’m happy to announce that this week we are featuring Oliver East’s Cottonopolis series on Comics Workbook. Made from November 2014 through January 2015 by Oliver East for Comics Workbook, Cottonopolis is a series of 6 panel comics that, among other things, blurs the lines between the historical documentation of a place and the documentation of identity. In their own mysterious way, these comics unpack moments in a life that swirl in the history of Manchester, England.


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In May of 2015, Geneviève Elverum (Cartoonist: Geneviève Castrée/ Musician: Woelv/Ô Paon) was out of the blue diagnosed with inoperable stage 4 pancreatic cancer. In the last year that she has undergone necessary treatment, Geneviève and her husband, Phil, have had to deplete all their savings to face the medical costs associated with this illness. At the moment, Phil is reaching out for financial help.

Phil Elverum: We are asking the world to please donate money to us.  Treatment is ongoing.  Nobody in our household has been able to work for over a year.  Geneviève has not made any new work.  Phil has not made any music or been able to perform or do anything.  Life is 100% occupied by this humongous medical battle (plus the already overwhelming reality of raising a baby with less than 2 fully available parents).  We don’t know what the future holds and how long this uncertainty will last.  In any case, the amount we’ve spent over the last year alone has left us in a precarious financial position as a family.  

Genevieve and Phil are asking for help through a GoFundMe campaign. Any amount helps.


[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/267747519″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /] Roman Muradov interviews Tim Hensley on Inkstuds

Muradov:Dan Clowes described Wally Gropius as “a work of unassuming genius that rewards on ever-deepening levels on each re-reading” and this quote applies just as well to Tim’s two other books, Ticket Stub and, most recently, Sir Alfred Number 3, a comic-strip biography of Alfred Hitchcock that is unlike anything you may expect from the phrase “comic-strip biography.”



Puiupo and Adonis

Kevin Czapieski interviews Puiupo & Adonis Pantazopoulos, the author’s of  Czap Book’s latest release, the Brazilian sci-fi comic Úlcera.

K – Adonis, what is your background? You paint as well as make comics, did you go to art school?
A – “I did, here in São Paulo there’s an art school called Quanta that I attended between 2010~2012 and I’ve recently dropped out of an animation college (I did only one period, [laughs]).”

K – Puiupo, you’re currently studying animation, right? What kind of animation influenced that decision – is there anything out there that you’re really excited about?
P – “Well, I’m really into modern Japanese animation and it’s been my main influence since I started drawing. [Being] Masaaki Yuasa has to be my life goal without a doubt (laughs). I am also very exited about the pace that the Brazilian animation scene has been growing at recently, and I want to be a part of it’s growth, if I manage to stay motivated (laughs).

Generally, an animation major was the thing that made more sense for me at the time, coming from comics and all, you know. But I don’t want to restrain myself to it, personally or professionally. I have a deep interest in comics and animation just as much as I have for fashion, painting, and performance. I hope to get the time to work on these other creative areas at some point.”

Read it all here.


 Islamic State Illustrated
 Eleri Mai Harris has written and illustrated a well researched piece of comics journalism on the origins of the Islamic State over on the ABC. For those interested, Harris and her team have compiled lots of references for you to dig into after reading this piece of comics journalism to further educate yourself.


Kramers Ergot / Ganges MINI TOUR 2016

  • June 10-12th – Chicago – QUIMBY’S
  • June 14th – Toronto – THE BEGUILING
  • June 15th – Pittsburgh – COPACETIC COMICS
  • June 16th – New York City – DESERT ISLAND


see you Wednesday! Until then, keep your volume knobs turned all the way up.


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