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“Kamoinge was not as much an organization, strictly speaking, as it was an informal circle of trust, affirmation, and career development. For Smith, just at the start of her practice, the group provided important forms of peer-to-peer discourse, meaningful critiques, and exhibitions.”

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“So supply appears to be a factor; regression analysis might find out how much (a project for another day). It should be noted that smaller release slates aren’t necessarily a bad thing, if the result is that the publishers and retailers are earning more profit per title; figuring out how much the comics market will absorb is the name of the game. It does appear that in 2016, at least thus far, the six publishers after Marvel in the charts have been a little more (and in some cases, a lot more) conservative in their periodical releases”

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We’re gearing up for BOUND: Art Book + Zine Fair at MOCA Cleveland, planned for Friday-Saturday, August 26-27, 2016. Mark your calendar and submit your application today to be considered for a table. Participating tablers will be curated by TR Ericsson. We look forward to having a wide variety of creators’ work on view along with a line-up of programs that will include live music, DJs, workshops, and more.

Applications are due by Friday, June 24, 2016. If you have any questions, please send us an email. All accepted artists will be responsible for paying a $50 table fee to MOCA before the fair.

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“Millennium Actress, one of anime director Satoshi Kon’s feature films, is now available to watch on YouTube for free. The 2002 film is the latest addition to the Paramount Vault, a collection of full-length movies and short clips, all viewable for free.”

@hgerard_prince arbitrary Kon Power Rankings:

  1. Tokyo Godfathers (2003) “Idiosyncratic Christmas Carol with pace and empathy.”
  2. Ohayo (2008) “Emotional and physical truth through detail.”
  3. Millenium Actress (2001) “Time and memory are pliable.”
  4. Paranoia Agent (2004) “Something small can morph into something ugly.”
  5. Magnetic Rose (1995) “Shedding of space.”
  6. Perfect Blue (1997) “Knife Emoji, Scary Face Emoji.”
  7. Paprika (2006) “Goofy Dreams > Sleek Dreams > Nightmares.”



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