Comic Arts Brooklyn 2017

Comic Arts Brooklyn, Saturday, November 11, 2017, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York (clicking image will take you to the cartoonist’s link)


Comic Arts Brooklyn at Pratt Institute
Gabe Fowler and Patrick Kyle
Comic Arts Brooklyn founder Gabe Fowler
Courtney Menard
Frank Santoro and Simon Hanselmann
Nicholas Offerman and Ethan Rilly
Chris Ware and Tom Spurgeon
Tracy Hurren and Jessica Campbell
Jane Mai and Saicoink
Charles Forsman
Hannah K. Lee and Annie Ishii
Connor Willumsen, Anna Haifisch, Dash Shaw and Joe Kessler
Julia Gfrörer
Eva Scalzo and Kevin Scalzo
Patrick Kyle and Ginette Lapalme
Adrian Tomine
Olivier Schrauwen
Robyn Chapman
Chris Ware
Simon Hanselmann
Aaron Cockle
Julia Gfrörer
Nicole Rifkin
David and Kevin Scalzo
Colleen Tighe
Emil Ferris
Simon Hanselmann
Simon Hanselmann
Tom Van Deusen
Sally Ingraham
Gary Leib and Doug Allen
Lala Albert
Ethan Rilly (Hartley Lin)
Hannah K. Lee
Gary Lieb and Doug Allen
Adrian Tomine
Patrick Kyle and Ginette Lapalme
Chris Ware signed his latest, Monograph
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