• I have 2 complete runs of Yummy Fur, and I have always felt that the whole was much greater than the sum of it’s parts…and the letters, ads and editorial bits are essential, especially every time I revisit the series! Funny thing…I met Chester recently and he not only autographed my Evenson book, but he drew a somewhat elaborate sketch on the first page that I sadly can’t share with you through the comments. I had one of my runs of YF bound into a very handsome hardcover, and I keep it always within arms reach and the great thing about the book is there truly is a story or section for literally any kind of mood. Thanks for the terrific article and for bringing the ‘awe and wonder’ of Chester Brown’s Yummy Fur back into the light! It is one of the greatest runs in all of illustrated literature in my humble opinion! Viva Chet!!!

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