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Hi there – this is Anna Mancini, or Manzanna, from Brazil. I just returned from the 2° Encontro Lady’s Comics, a pioneer event in Brazil dedicated to comics made by women. From July 29 to 31, 2ELC took place in Belo Horizonte, home of FIQ – Brazil’s International Comics Festival. This second edition was organized by FIQ in partnership with the event’s creators, the Lady’s Comics collective.

The chosen theme for this year was “The First Trip”, which gave room to explore both the history of Brazilian female cartoonists and the challenges faced by artists starting and developing their careers.

With panels, workshops, a fair and an exhibition by Chicks on Comics, 2ELC gathered many of Brazil’s female cartoonists in one place, plus international guests Sole Otero, Clara Lagos, Mariela Acevedo (Argentina) and Katherine Supnem (Chile).

Aware of the challenges women face in the comics community, the gathering provided a much needed space for the participants to express and identify with each other. Topics included the need to study and rewrite our history, shedding new light on pioneer women cartoonists; the first steps of publishing, selling and entering the market; the struggles of the creative process; plus talks on motherhood, science fiction and education, among other themes.

I’m still processing, digesting, reflecting on the experience. As my fellow cartoonists have confirmed, 2ELC left everyone with a shared feeling of empowerment, reciprocity and ambition. I’m glad to realize we’re in this together, and can’t wait to see how it will fuel our work.

Pictures, videos and more from 2° Encontro Lady’s Comics can be seen at their facebook page.

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