We are back! The Comics Workbook Daily News resumes today. We have fresh ideas to launch in the new year and a few tricks up a few sleeves – but for the moment, while the team is still on its way back home and the last days of 2016 tick away…we have just a few comics and stories to share and many good wishes to send out to you all.


To kick things off, a very relevant comic from Kyle Baker on The Village Voice (above).

And another comic by Kyle that I somehow missed can found on The Village Voice – HERE.


Also on The Village Voice this week, Gilbert Hernandez has a new 4 page story…!! Page one below – the rest is HERE.


Keith Knight has a review of Rogue One that I can happily get behind – a little spoilery – so if you haven’t seen the flick skip this one:

Keith also has a holiday-themed comic on The Nib, which offers some alt-right gift ideas… – HERE.


While the team was resting this piece (above) by Cory Thomas was published on FusionThe Weirdness of Being Black in White Spaces After the ElectionCheck out the whole thing HERE.

Cory Thomas is an Atlanta-based cartoonist who publishes the webcomic Watch Your Head HERE.

(Also check out the full Graphic Culture series at Fusion – plenty more political-themed comics to stir your blood…)


Paste has all 20 pages of Ronald Wimberly‘s story in the Attack on Titan AnthologyHERE.

“…it’s an intriguing change of pace for cartoonists like Ronald Wimberly, who contributes the 20-page chapter “Bahamut.” Known for his rhythmic, hyper-stylized works like The Prince of Cats and GratNin, Wimberly takes a trip from his usual setting of Brooklyn to AoT’s turn-of-the-century Germanic landscape for a dark, hilarious take on the fiction.” – via Paste

(If you choose to cruise around Paste for a minute after reading Ron’s story, there is a pretty decent “best of” list for comics HERE.)


The Winter semester of the Santoro Correspondence Course for Comic Book Makers started today, which means a new crew of talented artists are beginning what is often a transformative journey. If you missed out on getting a spot on the course this time round, keep an eye out for the Spring semester announcement in a few months, and meanwhile get yourself a copy of thee Santoro School Handbook HERE.


The Suzy and Cecil strips did NOT take a holiday break – in fact Gabriella Tito and I (Sally Ingraham) let the seasonal cheer creep into our stories – here’s a taste:

Suzy and Cecil – 12-24-2016 – Sally Ingraham

There are more holiday strips HERE. Daily updates are HERE – and will resume as a regular part of the Daily News tomorrow!


Hang in there as we ride the rest of this year out – and thanks for making Comics Workbook part of your life in 2016! Cheers – thee Comics Workbook Daily News Team

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