Sally here to introduce a new Daily News team member and run you through the Comics Workbook happenings this week, in between making books and packing the car for the big trip to Small Press Expo this weekend…! 


Pittsburgh cartoonists – L-R Jonas Goonface, Sam Ombiri, Sally Ingraham, Juan Fernandez, Lane Graff

This week we are joined by Samuel Ombiri, a Pittsburgh cartoonist and one of the cornerstones of our monthly Pittsburgh Comics Salons (pictured above). To kick off his CW Daily News career, Sam shares some thoughts on “Furukawa and Nara”. He writes:

An Interview With Yoshimoto Nara

Above is a link to a dialogue [between Yoshimoto Nara and Hideo Furukawa] that’s pretty inspiring to me in kind of a symbolic manner (Hideo Furukawa is probably my favorite author – or maybe not).

I found an album where he’s featured in a track (and there’s a track by Oval and the Zs – it almost feels like a dream, but I wish I could speak Japanese in this dream I’m having.)

I don’t have a favorite artist, because it would be physically painful to pick one, but let’s pretend that Yoshimoto Nara is my favorite artist (though to be honest I don’t know too much about him – Ian Jones-Quartey did a really cool short based off his work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrpmIZlFpWY )

So on a shallow level …words and images… and I guess.. comics right?

Though I don’t know if their words and images would compliment each other too well if put together, but I look at howww they are maybeee people with massive strengths in their own domain, and them coming together to talk gives me power……..If I was better at writing I’m sure I’d be able to articulate this concept better – that’s it! I give up!

The only thing I allow myself to expect is that something unexpected will happen or appear through the course of writing. This ‘something unexpected,’ which underlies the work in a piece of writing should be independent from the writer, and only then does this ‘something’ emerge. In this way the writer is simply a bridge between the piece and image to be delivered. The writer wouldn’t need to claim ‘This is My work. Read My story.” – Hideo Furukawa

Oddly Cozy. Photo by Keizo Kioku. Copyright Yoshitomo Nara. Courtesy of the artist and Pace Gallery, NY.

As for me, I don’t care much about the audience and their reactions nowadays. It might be another effect of aging. What I wish now is that my works remain for, say, 200 years after my death. I hope they are strong enough, in various senses to over to overcome the disappearance and death of the person who’s created them.” -Yoshimoto Nara

Thanks for sharing this Sam – here’s the link again to the full conversation between Furukawa and Nara. Sam will continue to contribute news items and his own thoughts in the coming weeks – and probably a comic or two!



Bethesda, MD – where we will be this weekend, in force – look for the blue shirts! Some of the fantastic workshops Comics Workbook is offering at SPX this weekend will be standing room only based on the signup numbers! We hope to see you there. Full Small Press Expo details HERE!



Applications for the fall semester of the Santoro Correspondence Course for Comic Book Makers are due September 16th 2016 – course starts September 23rd. FULL DETAILS HERE. The course is filling up, so if you are interested make sure to shoot us an email asap at santoroschoolATgmail…!



Once again presenting this unique opportunity to get a rare Connor Willumsen book. “Swinespritzen” is now available from Comics Workbook. Connor and Frank Santoro reprinted this classic wacky pack originally produced for Breakdown Press in 2014. We have recreated the original item right down to the envelopes, paper, and crappy glue-job that Connor manifested one late night at Kinkos. We will have these at SPX but this is an extremely limited edition – so if you want one email santoroschoolATgmail or DM @santoro.frank on Instagram!


I’ll be back with more news tomorrow (and hopefully full of the mysterious calm that descends right before a momentous occasion…?) Cheers – Sally

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