Caleb Orecchio here with some brief initial thoughts on Andrew White’s Yearly 2018.


What follows are some initial thoughts on Andrew White’s comic, Yearly 2018. I will write a more in-depth review later on.

Yearly 2018 glorifies minutia. Every panel smolders and melts into quiet moments that are psalms of contemplation. There is pleasure in merely flipping through the book. Beautiful, soft colors make an arrangement of bloomed flowers that you can look at for hours. White’s compositional choices give the book weight. Each spread has something to offer separate from the stories they are part of. You can look at the spreads in any order you like and you will come out on the other end experiencing the whole without undermining the books integrity.

White seems very comfortable, I see no hesitation in his cartooning. Yearly 2018 is the start of a new brilliant comic I will look forward to every year.

More on this comic later.

10/08/2018 – by Niall Breen

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