Sally here. Busy week. I’m working on completing, and starting, a couple of personal comics projects. I’m also (as usual) reading three different comics at once – Rina Ayuyang‘s Blame This on the Boogie, Emma RiosI.D., and Fun Home by Alison Bechdel. Whichever one I finish first I’ll write about next week!

For the time being, here’s a roundup of what everyone else has been writing and thinking about, comics-wise, lately.

  • Laura Howell (pictured above) was the first female cartoonist to produce a strip in The Beano (an 80-year old British children’s comic magazine) – 12 years later she is still working for them. Read about her HERE.
  • The mysterious “Olivia Jaimes“, current and much discussed artist behind the rebirth of the strip Nancy, made an appearance at CXC recently (in a disguise) – Rocko Jerome was there and offers a full report.

  • Annie Koyama announced the spring lineup of books for Koyama Press – including the latest from Emily Carroll (above). See what else is coming up HERE.
  • Joe McCulloch reviews Lale Westvind‘s Grip #1 over on The Comics Journaland words fail him.
  • The Washington Post compares notes on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process with Ann Telnaes and Signe Wilkinson, among other editorial cartoonists.
  • The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum is now accepting applications for the 2019 Lucy Shelton Caswell Research Awarddetails HERE.


Sally Ingraham


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