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Sara Lautman is doing A Cartoonist’s Diary over at TCJ this week.


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Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo: Application Deadline Extended!


School of for Poetic Computation
Wednesday, May 4 at 7:00 PM  11–15° Cloudy
155 Bank St, New York, New York 10014
‘MVR is an event series focused on new forms of exchange between body and technology. With the decreasing size and cost of computer vision, digital components and advances in virtual reality, we are faced with a new awareness of the impact of current digital practices on the physical body. MVR provides a platform for learning and discussion concerning the new interaction between body and information, device, and action. Confirmed presenters: Kate Sicchio on live coding, performance and wearables; Pablo Garcia on drawing machines; Pamela Liou on technology, textiles, bodies and craft; Claire Kearney-Volpe on screen-readers and coding.’



Curtainphonehorn, a show of Matthew Thurber drawings, will open May 12 at Weird Things in Toronto.




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Katie Skelly Comics


Sparkplug Books
May 17th – Last day to place any online orders, including wholesale orders.
May 22nd
– Sparkplug will be tabling at Linework NW with Suzette Smith (Ce/Ze).
June 11th & 12th – Sparkplug will be tabling at CAKE in Chicago, with Suzette Smith. This will be Sparkplug’s last show.

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