Entreviñetas + TCAF, Gutterfest #6, Ronald Wimberly, Laura Knetzger


Desde este año Entreviñetas inicia una alianza con TCAF. La alianza empieza con una primera convocatoria para que un autor canadiense trabaje con un autor colombiano en un cómic.

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival (Toronto, Canada) and Entreviñetas Festival (Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia), in alliance with the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, are proud to announce the launch of the Blind Date project (Cita a ciegas).

This collaborative creative project will support two comic artists — one from Canada, and one from Colombia — to create a shared digital graphic work over the course of one month, using the internet to develop the piece from their respective places of residency. The selected Canadian artist will receive $1000 CAD to support the creation of this work. The selected Colombian artist will receive 5 million Colombian pesos. Please see the detailed application for information about how to apply to participate.

Léanlo todo AQUI.



Lydia Metral saco fotos en Barcelona de La Festa de l’Autoedició – GUTTERFEST #6Todos salieron guapitos.


Ronald Wimberly Revisits Island #15 – a critique of critique – 

The fact that the cover to Island, the first page of January, caused such a stir before many had read the interior pages is a testament to its power as a comment on the theater of identity and fame. In a way we all played out materially, what Dilraj put down in that magazine. The material reality of the lack of political subjectivity in the creative environment that produced, published, and critiqued that magazine was made apparent. Brandon Graham demonstrated his editorial blind spot and his lack of social intelligence in how he discussed the work. Many of the critics, myself among them, demonstrated a lack of political, historical, and critical subjectivity when we rushed to contribute our hot takes.

One thing in particular that bothered me was a sentiment that these aesthetics would somehow be better if the author was black.; Dilraj Mann, as I understand, is south asian. I don’t ascribe to this. I think given the context we have to judge the aesthetics on their own. And if we are going to expand the subjectivity and say that people who were wounded by those aesthetics get a crack at using them, the fact that historically, the aesthetics of Sambo come from the depiction of a South Asian boy (I go into this history in LAAB#0), should also carry some weight. I mean, take a hard look at Mr. popo.

Read it all HERE.


Laura K Plays 11: Legend of Mana

Laura Knetzger offers up a comic on falling through the inscrutable margins in Legend of Mana for ZEAL on Medium! A satisfying little poetic reflection on another classic videogame. If you’re a fan if that unshakeable feeling of longing from certain mysterious fantasy games, you’ll know what Laura’s talking about…

Additionally, Laura Knetzger’s put a bunch of diary comics and sketches on her patreon, so if you don’t already, it’s a great time to pledge!


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