Gary Panter Printed Matter. The Rozz Tox Effect: Publications by Gary Panter, 1972-2016 is on view now through March 19 at the new Printed Matter space in NYC. Curated by Dan Nadel.




Smoke Signals. The two most recent issues of Gabe Fowler’s Smoke Signal features work by Al Columbia, among many other talented artists. An interview from 2010 with Columbia and Nicole Ruddick can be found at the fondly-remembered Comics Comics blog.


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High-Focus Drawing. James McMullan has a 12-part series of drawing exercises posted on the NY Times Opinionator blog.


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Graph Paper Templates. Generated Paper + Printable Paper

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Aspen #8. The Fluxus Issue

pass To move past; go by. To pass someone on the road. To let go without notice, action, re mark, etc. ; leave unconsidered; disregard; overlook. Pass the preface and go on to the text. To go across or over extreme threshold etc.; cross. To undergo; they passed the worst night of their lives. To go beyond a point, degree, stage, etc.; transcend; exceed; surpass. To cause to go or move onward. To pass a rope through a hole. To live during a portion of time spent. He decided to pass a year abroad improving his German. To live through without tedium, how to pass the time. To cause to circulate or spread. To pass rumors all over the Naval base. To convey, transfer or transmit; deliver. To convey from one person, hand, etc. to another. Please pass the mustard. He passed a remark about every passer-by. To discard, void from the body as excrement. To transfer to a teammate. To go or move onward; proceed. To come to or toward, then go beyond. To pass by. To pass through. To go away; depart. The lightheaded feeling will pass in a minute. To come to an end. To die. To take place; happen; occur. To go by or move past. To go about or circulate; be current. To serve as a marginally acceptable sub stitute; the facsimile is not very good but it will pass. To live or be known as a member of a racial or religious or ethnic group other than one’s own, especially to live and be known as a white person, although having some negro ancestry. To undergo transition or conversion. To pass from a solid to a liquid state; bring to pass; come to pass; pass away; pass for; to be ac cepted as; be considered; material that passed for silk; pass-off; to pass-off a spurious Rembrandt on someone. He passed himself off as a doctor; pass-on; pass-out; pass-over; pass wind.’

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