Juan starts the day off with Annie Mok’s “Pictures of Candy” and the arrival of Anomaly 26!



Candy Says – Annie Mok on the journey making of “Pictures of Candy”

Over on Rookie Magazine Annie Mok offers the long and winding story of the origins of a great interbiographic comic, Pictures of Candy, she made about herself and Candy Darling. It’s a good story on the struggles in creating the art we need to make, and the oftentimes surreal way that the pieces fall into place years after the struggle. It’s a good story on the power that of stories. In Annie’s words, “Stories change you, and you change the stories.”

In 2011, feeling rusty on comics and wanting new direction, I took the cartoonist Frank Santoro’s comics correspondence course online. Because I knew Frank was from Pittsburgh, I thought he’d love the idea of me going to the Andy Warhol Museum in his hometown to see the letters, diaries, and photos that Jay Newton donated after Candy died of cancer.

This was all Jay could carry out of Candy’s childhood home after interviewing her mother, following Candy’s death. In a heartbreaking scene in Beautiful Darling, Jay recounts that Candy’s mother burned the rest of her late daughter’s belongings in the hopes that the mother’s new husband, a very conservative man, would never find out that she had a trans daughter.

Read the story here.


Anomaly 26

A new issue of the literary journal, Anomaly, formerly Drunken Boat, is now out. The journal has had a history of editing a robust collection of comics. Challenging work, lush work, inspired work. Needless to say it’s an interesting collection of comics edited by Nick Francis Potter that highlights a wide range of artists cartooning poetics. In this issue you’ll find short works by Anapurna, Anja Wicki, Aya Kakeda, Hue Nguyen, Ishita Basu Mallik, Jennifer Lisa, Mark Ehling, Wenting Li and Émille Gleason.

Make yourself some coffee or tea and hop on over to Anomaly’s site to check it out.


Collected from the thousands of pages of material that Frank has left scattered all over the digital landscape, these 4 PDF collections contain Frank’s best writing on comics and comics making from the past decade. Theory and process, reviews and discoveries, journeys both physical and spiritual.

Check out the “Best of Frank Santoro” PDF collections, available HERE!

—————————————————————————————————Suzy and Cecil – 02-14-2018 – by Gabriella Tito

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