Frank Santoro in Naples Italy 2018

There are over 30 pages from Pompeii by Frank Santoro on display at the National Archeology Museum of Naples, in an exhibition which is being held in conjunction with Frank’s appearance as a special guest at the Naples Comicon (April 28-May 1 2018).

The show opened yesterday (April 18th) at MANN and will continue until May 31st 2018. More details on the show can be found HERE.

During Comicon Frank will be participating in a panel with Blutch, whose graphic novel Peplum also takes a look at Ancient Rome. Details on the panel are HERE.

If you’re in the area, be sure to attend Comicon and meet Frank, and don’t miss the exhibition at MANN!

The Naples Comicon Instagram account was buzzing on May 18th, as famed Italian paleontologist Alberto Angela was caught at the National Archeological Museum of Naples looking at original artwork from Frank Santoro’s Pompeii (above).

Alberto Angela is a popular TV presenter and commentator for science-based programs. He is the author of A Day in the Life of Ancient Rome, among other texts, and has lectured on the tragedy of Pompeii. He seemed taken by Frank’s depictions, or as the Naples Comicon put it, he “could not resist the charm of the show“.

There were two Italian news stories upon the opening of the show, with the director of MANN talking about Frank’s work and the exhibition.

There is a review and preview of Pompeii in Italian HERE.

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