Harrison is here today previewing the 4th Annual Comics Workbook Competition, revisiting an old/new interview with a veteran artist, giving an update from Richmond, VA’s best artists, and finishing with something sharp.




The Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency presents



1st place  – $500 cash prize to the winner

2nd place – $250 credit at Copacetic Comics

3rd place  – $100 credit at Copacetic Comics

plus four $50 honorable mention prizes from Big Planet Comics


Create a 16 page signature comic book narrative to the specifications below


DEADLINE: August 30 2016 at midnight (that’s 11:59 EST)


Find all the details HERE!


Arvell Malcolm Jones

From the Vault: Arvell Malcolm Jones Interview

CBR News: What about the challenges or difficulties you may have faced while getting into the comics biz?

AJ: Well, Marvel and DC were interesting places in the early ’70s. Racism was there, but not the kind you would think. People were trying to be very open minded, but they only could draw on what they knew. I spent a lot of time getting to know people. It was hard at first because, in some cases, we had nothing in common but our love of the industry. Plus, the industry is very much like a little Hollywood: it’s about who you know, as well as how good you are.

Many of the people I worked with I’d know for sometime through the convention route, or from zines, like [the ones done by] Roy Thomas (when we had our zine, Roy was our source for news at Marvel) and Paul Levitz. Marvel and DC tried to be open to us but, in a way, they didn’t know quite how to relate to us. It helped that most of my friends from Detroit helped to open doors. We would take a 13 hour drive and spend the night with Al Milgrom and his roommate, hang at Rich’s, then go see John Romita at Marvel, get our butts spanked, and go back to Detroit to work on our samples again.

– via Comic Book Resources

Read the rest of the interview with veteran artist Arvell Malcolm Jones here.


Richmond’s Finest

Check out some of the new work from our friends from Richmond, VA, Cameron Weston Nicholson, Richie Pope, and Chris Visions. Support and share please.

Cameron Weston Nicholson
Cameron’s got a sale on his latest comic, Burgundy. IF you’ve been waiting to pick up some work from Cameron, now’s your chance before these comics are gone! Send him a message via instagram and he’ll hook you up.


Richie Pope

Along with having the illustration below in the New York Times, Richie has made available the second (and final) edition of Newdini in print. Get it now! http://richiepope.bigcartel.com/product/newdini

Two Dads, Two Kids, One Experimental Family – Richie Pope for the New York Times

Chris Visions

You can now buy your copy of Chris Visions’  VOL. 1 at  –  A  color collection of beautiful observational drawings made with mixed media.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.10.22 AM

Dove by Chris Visions



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