Harrison is here and the news follows. Today we venture beyond comics, get faster at drawing, and finish with fire.

“Please, no more boring comics podcasts”

Man can’t live off comics alone.



“Choosing a School for My Daughter in a Segregated City”










“Recently I did an interview over at comicsverse.com that was conducted by Jake Grubman. In it, I talk a lot about how I’m trying to be “ruthlessly efficient” in my cartooning, ever since I finished Basewood. “Draw Comics Faster” has been sort of like my second motto (next to “Draw Comics EVERY Day”) based on the great drawing shown above that Nate Beaty sent me when I was still slogging through Basewood. As my time constraints constrict around me (new dad!) it is important that I make the most out of every available minute of drawing time.”




“What does Gutter Pop refer to? That was a weird little journey. I was planning on doing a music zine called Gutter Pop, just sort of referring to my friends in the DIY scene that make kind of poppy music but it’s all underground, so I thought Gutter Pop was a fun play. And then I needed a name for the store and I thought it would be fun, because [in a comic book] in between the panels is called a gutter, and then the pop is like the pop of pop art.”

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