Sally here this Friday with festival news from CAKE, quick profiles on Marta Chudolinska and Françoise Mouly, more Retrofit Comics reviews than you can shake a stick at, and further details about the first rad Rowhouse Residency!


Matt Frank Mahmoud
Matt, Mahmoud, and Frank around the Rowhouse

Mahmoud Hashemi and Matt Conway spent Memorial Day Weekend at the CW Rowhouse, and then Mahmoud wrote us a detailed report of the experience.

Check it out HERE on Comics Workbook.



Also on the site today, we have Sacha Mardou‘s take on CAKE. She exhibited at the show last weekend and took a minute to chat with fellow cartoonists like John Porcellino and Anya Davidson among many others.

Read the complete write-up HERE!


One of the folks whom Sacha met for the first time was Marta Chudolinska (pictured above), a Polish-Canadian cartoonist based in Toronto, who makes paper-cut and linocut comics. Sacha particularly liked her work, and I’m pleased to share a bit more of it here.

A page from Babcia by Marta Chudolinska – 2013-ongoing.

Babcia is a papercut comic about Marta’s Grandmother and her family’s history in Poland, serialized in Broken Pencil Magazine. (Take a minute to check out Broken Pencil Magazine for more zine culture and other independent artist-related stories!)


A page from Debbie’s Inferno, by Anne Emond

Over on The Comics Journal Rob Clough dug into the Retrofit Comics catalog, reviewing work from 2013-2016. He gives Box Brown kudos for all the work he’s done through Retrofit.

Retrofit Comics began as a Kickstarter experiment in 2011. By then, comics tended to be printed as minis or graphic novels, leaving Box Brown missing the heyday of the alt-comics comic book. In 2013, he joined forces with the DC-area comics store, Big Planet Comics, which took on a lot of the costs and production work, allowing Brown (and BPC’s Jared Smith) to concentrate on other duties as publisher and tastemaker. This was one of the early examples of a store deciding to publish its own comics. Overall, the results have been of a fairly high quality, and quite varied in genre and approach.” – Rob Clough

Read all of the reviews HERE.

If you don’t get enough there on TCJ, you can catch the “Retrofit Extra” on Rob Clough’s blog, High-Low.


From Meghan Turbitt’s Teach Me How To Be A God

While you’re surfing around High-Low, check out Rob Clough’s review of Meghan Turbitt’s work!

Rob writes –

“There’s no cartoonist quite like Meghan Turbitt, as she balances self-effacing humor, frank talk about sexuality, trenchant social commentary and a furiously visceral drawing style that pummels the reader on every page. Let’s take a look at her output over the last couple of years.” – Rob Clough


Eleanor Davis comic about Françoise Mouly

I’ve been on a Françoise Mouly tear recently, researching this rad lady and drawing inspiration from her amazing career as an editor, publisher, and all-round cornerstone of the comics community. She is (incidentally) the wife of Art Spiegelman, with whom she created the groundbreaking RawIn addition to her work for The New Yorker, she created TOON Books, which publishes comics for kids. Jeet Heer wrote an excellent profile of her (which I’m reading now) – In Love With Art: Françoise Mouly’s Adventures in Comics with Art Spiegelman.

Last year Françoise Mouly won a Smithsonian Ingenuity Award, and Smithsonian correspondent Jeff MacGregor and cartoonist Eleanor Davis teamed up to give her some kudos.

Keep this lady on your radar, folks, and for the moment check out the Smithsonian article HERE, along with more of Eleanor Davis’ comic!


Have a great weekend folks! Read comics! Make comics! – Sally

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