Sally here with original artwork by some rad ladies, a bit more about CXC 2017, and other comics news.


Mary Fleener, 2002

To pick up where I left off last week…at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, in Columbus, OH, or thereabouts…

In the midst of the CXC excitement last Friday afternoon, I found time to poke around in the Reading Room at the BICLM, and although my eyes strayed to huge Prince Valiant originals and Noel Sickles paintings, and I was distracted by the comments of Mimi Pond and Chris Ware and Derf Backderf as they circled the room simultaneously…I was able to zero in on some fantastic pages by several of the female cartoonists I write about here all the time (see the Mary Fleener page above).

Aline Kominsky (not yet -Crumb)

I believe many of the pages that I got to enjoy were from a recent donation, part of a 113-piece collection given to the BICLM this past summer by Scott Jonas. Above is one of Aline Kominsky-Crumb‘s earliest comics. Below are pages by Dori Seda, and Lynda Barry.

Dori Seda, 1986
Lynda Barry

Here’s the lovely Mimi Pond looking at pages in the Reading Room:

This is easily my favorite thing about Cartoon Crossroads Columbus – you have the chance to hang out with your peers and your heroes as you all share together the experience of looking at artwork by the cartoonists who came before us. Everyone exclaims. Everyone cries. It’s wonderful.

Then too you can learn from each other and share the things of your heart/hands. I attended Leslie Stein‘s watercolor demo and appreciated getting to see her process and listen to her stories. So did Signe Wilkinson, the Pulitzer-prize winning editorial cartoonist, and afterward in her turn Signe shared her experiences in the trenches and a whole other world of cartooning.

And then when my own number was called, on Saturday afternoon when our Comics Workbook-featured workshop leader Connor Willumsen was needed for a panel, I stood up and led a workshop on comics-making.

Making comics in isolation still has its place, but increasingly it seems that if we want to keep this community thriving, it’s got to really embrace its punk side. Share and share alike. Growth, education, everyone lending a hand in order to keep these plates spinning.

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus feels like a show that is constantly striving to embrace that spirit.

For more on the show please see Caleb’s beautifully exuberant Monday morning post, HERE, and Adam Griffiths’ detailed and thoughtful notes on his own experience, HERE.


Connor Willumsen teaching at CXC 2017

I have to touch on Connor Willumsen’s Comics Workbook-hosted workshops at CXC, as that is where I spent much of my time on Sat./Sun. of the show. Connor had workshops almost every hour during the show those two days, and he was able to translate his thoughts on shoebox vs. “forensic” comics-making to audiences made up of all adults, as well as a lively group of kids during one workshop. Here’s a “forensic”-style comic by Zoey (which really is how most kids make comics):

I will be cutting together a highlights reel of Connor’s workshop, so keep an eye out. Many thanks to Tom Spurgeon and the other CXC organizers for providing us with the space to bring this transformative take on comics-making to Columbus, OH. Back again next year for more!

For the record, you can get a really unique package of Connor Willumsen books and zines right now from Comics Workbook – full details on the official “Anti-Gone Bundle” can be found HERE.


News of Note from Elsewhere

  • This is cool (but also annoying in its way) – Marvel canceled The Black Panther series recently, but now Paste Magazine announces that Marvel has hired the incredible Nnedi Okorafor to write a new Black Panther series (for digital publication on Marvel and ComiXoligy) – full details HERE.
  • The Comics Journal has an interview with the unstoppable Tillie Waldentry to catch up with her, HERE.
  • Also, this came out while I was at CXC, so if you too missed it be sure to check out the interview with Sophie Foster-Dimino conducted by Annie Mok on tcj.com.
  • Check out Leela Corman‘s latest comic on The NibIt Only Masquerades as Entertainment.
  • Laurel Lynn Leake writes about Ariel Ries‘ webcomic Witchy, using the comic to comment on ideas of power and uselessness. Pretty interesting – read it HERE.
  • Hit your translation button to read this German review of Ulli Lust‘s new book (compared favorably to work by Chester Brown and Jason Lutes, although Ulli isn’t sure she agrees with the Lutes comparison!) – HERE.


Suzy and Cecil – 10-6-2017 – by Sally Ingraham


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