SAZ; TAZ; Dan Archer in Colombia


Cover of *bōk-: Book Review in This Bookless Age (Hong Kong: 1a Space, 2009).

Semi-Autonomous Zine
Via the Asia Art Archive:

Observing that the term zine has been in recent years co-opted to apply to nearly anything—cute, small, nicely printed, not entirely mainstream—our research led to the proposal of a new definition, one borne of conditions specific to this part of the world’s sociopolitical ecology. By exposing fluid streams of influence and proposing other possible routes for the formation of zine culture in Asia, we may begin to depart from a Western-dominated narrative and to rethink and refine what zines and independent publishing culture can be.

Jannie Kwon


Always worth a revisit, Hakim Bey’s work from the 1980’s, 1990’s:

And–the map is closed, but the autonomous zone is open. Metaphorically it unfolds within the fractal dimensions invisible to the cartography of Control. And here we should introduce the concept of psychotopology (and -topography) as an alternative “science” to that of the State’s surveying and mapmaking and “psychic imperialism.” Only psychotopography can draw 1:1 maps of reality because only the human mind provides sufficient complexity to model the real. But a 1:1 map cannot “control” its territory because it is virtually identical with its territory. It can only be used to suggest, in a sense gesture towards, certain features. We are looking for “spaces” (geographic, social, cultural, imaginal) with potential to flower as autonomous zones–and we are looking for times in which these spaces are relatively open, either through neglect on the part of the State or because they have somehow escaped notice by the mapmakers, or for whatever reason. Psychotopology is the art of dowsing for potential TAZs.


Dan Archer

Colombia’s Uncertain Road to Peace
At The Nib, Dan Archer takes a look at Colombia’s past, present, and future.


Vision Box – 8-7-18 – by Cameron Arthur


Cement Mixer – 8-7-18 – by Caleb Orecchio

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