Aaron Cockle with Oliver East Comics; C.A.K.E. 2016; Moholy-Nagy; Exercises in Style; 5,000 km per second; Peter Kuper; Vintage Vintage Contemporaries; AI DMCA



CW’s Featured Comics continues this week with Oliver East’s Cottonopolis, from 2014-2015.


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Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE)
Saturday-Sunday, June 11-12, 2016, 11am–6pm
Center on Halsted, 3656 N Halsted, Chicago IL USA
FREE and open to the public!

Panels & Workshops


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László Moholy-Nagy at the Guggenheim


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Matt Madden on Exercises in Style



Lauren Weinstein and Mike Dawson on Manuele Fior’s 5,000 km per second


Peter Kuper Deconstructing Comics 




Vintage Vintage Contemporaries
For book art nerds, a look at the line of Vintage Contemporaries softcovers from the 1980’s-1990’s, cover designer Lorraine Louie, lots of books, author quotes, lots of process, over at the Talking Covers blog.



Do Androids Dream of Androids Dreaming of Electric Sheep?
Last week, Warner Bros. issued a DMCA takedown notice to the video streaming website Vimeo. The notice concerned a pretty standard list of illegally uploaded files from media properties Warner owns the copyright to — including episodes of Friends and Pretty Little Liars, as well as two uploads featuring footage from the Ridley Scott movie Blade Runner. Just a routine example of copyright infringement, right? Not exactly. Warner Bros. had just made a fascinating mistake. Some of the Blade Runner footage — which Warner has since reinstated — wasn’t actually Blade Runner footage. Or, rather, it was, but not in any form the world had ever seen. Instead, it was part of a unique machine-learned encoding project, one that had attempted to reconstruct the classic Philip K. Dick android fable from a pile of disassembled data.
-via at Vox


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