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WeMeWe Are All Me
by Jordan Crane
Here it is, at last:  a cosmic consciousness primer for kids.  In these pages, Crane has stripped down his æsthetic to its core, crafting bold, optic nerve stimulating illustrations that leap scales from the macroscopic to microscopic and back again, in dynamic and wildly colorful images that are straight forward and immediately, intuitively comprehensible.  Taken together with the accompanying simple blocks of text, the series of sequential combinations of images that make up We Are All Me unlock a latent power strong enough to light up dormant neurons, leading to new connections, and stimulating speculations, revealing a sense of wonder at creation capable of carrying open and ready readers to another plane of consciousness.  “I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together…”

retail price – $12.99  copacetic price – $11.75


Roly Poly
by Daniel Semanas
Daniel Semanas takes readers along on a wild ride through a neon jungle in his latest work.  Published by Fantagraphics, Roly Poly is a square format, full color, hardcover volume that is packaged inside of an open-ended slipcase.  Reading these comics featuring a avatar-esque kick-boxing, motorcycle-riding, partying, Instagrammer named Phanta, is a bit like being immersed in a very cool gaming environment, where you never know what’s going to happen next.
retail price – $19.99  copacetic price – $17.77CD

Coyote Doggirl
by Lisa Hanawalt
It appears that the new Lisa Hanawalt is a  > gasp! < graphic novel.  This 156 page full color hardcover just showed up, so we can’t say more than confirm that it is drawn in the clean-black-line-with-lush-watercolor-fill style that Hanawalt fans will immediately recognize.  Here’s the official party line:  “Coyote is a dreamer and a drama queen, brazen and brave, faithful yet fiercely independent. She beats her own drum and sews her own crop tops. A gifted equestrian, she’s half dog, half coyote, and all power. Together with her trusty steed Red, there’s not much that’s too big for her to bite off, chew up, and spit out right into your face, if you deserve it.”
retail price – $22.95  copacetic price – $20.00Noc

by Tara Booth
The unconscious is a playground.  Dreaming and waking lives intertwine as desires ebb and flow against and between an air of midnight blue.

retail price – $14.99  copacetic price – $13.75


Lost in the Fun Zone

by Leif Goldberg
Take a ride down a stream of (un)consciousness with Giorgio and Dimitrius as they explore every nook and cranny of the Fun Zone.  You won’t ever know what’s going to happen when you turn the page.
retail price – $19.99  copacetic price – $16.75FoK

The Fruit of Knowledge
by Liv Stromquist
Fruit of Knowledge: The Vulva vs. The Patriarchy
 has hit America’s shores!  Employing a merciless onslaught of comics rhetoric, Liv Strömquist storms the patriarchal fortress with weapons readily at hand (including satire, sarcasm, synecdoche and more – all leavened with a healthy sense of humor).  Remember, not all Vikings were men. You have been warned.
retail price – $22.99  copacetic price – $20.00PAPT

People Are Places Too

by Theo Ellsworth
Yes!  An all new self-published Theo Ellsworth zine!  39 never before published pen and ink drawings on the theme of the spatial nature of self-image and identity as only Theo Ellsworth can envision. A treat for the eyes – and the mind!
retail price – $6.00  copacetic price – $6.00CS12

Comix Skool USA #12
by Kevin Huizenga
We’re back to the digest size with this, the twelfth issue of Comix Skool.  This cardstock cover-wrapped issue contains a turbocharged take on select aspects of comics manufacturing.
retail price – $5.00  copacetic price – $5.003Sis

Three Sisters

by Gilbert Hernandez
 Gilbert H. comics – close to 300 pages! The comics collected here were originally published in the early-to-mid aughts, appearing in the second volume of Love and Rocketsas well as the concurrently published Luba’s Comics & Stories.   Some of these comics have already been previously collected in Luba: Three Daughters and High Soft Lisp as well as the hardcover Luba omnibus. Now, here, they at last find their permanent home as the fourteenth volume in the affordable and attractive Fantagraphics uniform edition of Love and Rockets.  Luba, Fritz, Pipo, Doralis, Mila and the rest have more than their fair share of ups and downs in this heartbreak soup of comics tales.
retail price – $19.99  copacetic price – $15.99


Slum Wolf
by Tadao Tsuge; edited and translated by Ryan Holmberg
The latest Garo-centric manga project from the (apparently, see below) indefatiguable Ryan Holmberg is this curated collection of nine classic tales of down-and-outers on the fringe of Japanese society by the legendary Tadao Tsuge.  All the works in Slum Wolf were created in the 1960s and ’70s, with all but three originally running in Garo.  All works herein collected – including a bonus autobiographical essay by Tsuge, “Always a Tough Guy at Heart” – were translated and edited by Mr. Holmberg, who has also supplied a highly informative essay that closes out the collection, which runs 328 pages in total.  Anyone wanting to learn more, can read an illustrated excerpt of this essay on the NYRB site, HERE.

retail price – $22.95  copacetic price – $20.00


The Troublemakers
by Baron Yoshimoto; edited and translated by Ryan Holmberg
In yet another great manga collection edited and translated by Ryan Homberg, here we have six classic manga tales from the Gekiga master, Baron Yoshimoto whose hyperbolic observations of the social transformations taking place in the new post-WW II generation in Japan grab the reader’s attention and don’t let go.  The title’s of this collection’s stories will give you an idea of what’s in store:  “Eriko’s Happiness”, “High School Brawler’s Ditty”, “Insect”, “The Gambling Stripper”, “Nostalgia”, and “The Girl and the Black Soldier”.  Totaling 225 pages, these tales were originally published in Japan between 1966 and 1974.  This volume also includes an 18-page illustrated essay by Holmberg, ‘natch.

retail price – $20.00  copacetic price – $17.75


The Winner
by Karl Stevens
Karl Stevens runs his victory lap in this collection of (mostly) full color short pieces that (to some degree, anyway) depict his struggles to live a life less dependent on sarcasm and irony.  A follow up to his previous collection, FailureThe Winner finds Karl recently espoused, newly sober and, as you may have already surmised from the cover illustration, working as a museum guard – but still residing in Boston and still an ace in the Pen & Ink Rendering of Reality (and, in one bit, Fantasy, as well) Department.  This time around Mr. Stevens fleshes out his drawing with plenty of color, employing a variety of methods, primarily watercolor.  Fans of his previous work will not be disappointed, and newcomers possessing the proper temperament and appropriately dry sense of humor may find themselves pleasantly surprised.

retail price – $17.99  copacetic price – $15.75

Other People: Days of the Bagnold Summer & Driving Short Distances

by Joff Winterhart
As this has only just arrived, but as this double-dose of comics new-to-US-readers by Joff Winterhart has been previously published in the UK, where it garnered some impressive praise by some people whose opinions we pay attention to (see below), we dove right in.  So far we can report that Days of Bagnold Summer consists of a narratively linked series of one-page comics, each of which stands on their own yet each one building on the previous to tell the story advertised by the title.  Days of Bagnold Summer doesn’t blink in presenting the uncomfortable aspects of adolescence and adolescent parenting (Our blurb might read, “There’s a cringe on every page!”).  “Beautifully drawn and exquisitely written… confirms Winterhart as one of the most talented graphic novelists in the UK.”  – Zadie Smith on Driving Short Distances  “There is probably no truer portrait of teenage and parental angst.” – Posy Simmonds
retail price – $25.00  copacetic price – $20.00



Paprika Storyboard Book
by Satoshi Kon
And here’s a hefty tome for students of animé and fans of Kon Satoshi – and a dream come true for those who are both!  This 700 page softcover from Japan contains over 3000 storyboard drawings – crisply printed in black & white with greytones, on off white paper – that break down the entire film. Yes, there is plenty of bonus material – but, as with the rest of the book, the text is almost entire in Japanese.  But, of course, it’s the drawings that are the feature attraction here, and the column headers on the storyboards are in English, which is enough to guide students of the film through the process of breaking it down into its component drawings.  Import.
copacetic price – $55.75MW

Miyazaki World
by Susan Napier
And, while we’re on the topic of animé here’s an in-depth look at a master of the form.  Years in the making, Susan Napier’s critical biography of the world’s greatest living animator, Hayo Miyazaki is now available from Yale University Press, who state:  “Japanese culture and animation scholar Susan Napier explores the life and art of this extraordinary Japanese filmmaker to provide a definitive account of his oeuvre. Napier insightfully illuminates the multiple themes crisscrossing his work, from empowered women to environmental nightmares to utopian dreams, creating an unforgettable portrait of a man whose art challenged Hollywood dominance and ushered in a new chapter of global popular culture.”  Miyazai World is a 300 page hardcover, illustrated in black & white, plus a 16-page section of full color plates.
retail price – $30.00  copacetic price – $26.75


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