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Gabriella Tito made Homesick for the first issue of Zona (Comics Workbook, January 2016), channeling her considerable drawing chops into a story of quiet exploration in black and white.

During her Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency, Gabriella revisited her comic in a unique way. She decided to color it, experimenting with different mediums ranging from airbrush to pencils, taking this burst of new energy directly to the printed pages of Frank Santoro’s personal copy. The results are quite amazing.

We are thrilled to share those pages here, and look forward to presenting more work from this talented cartoonist (one of Comics Workbook’s true ninjas) soon.


Gabriella Tito is a graduate of Frank Santoro’s correspondence course and a member of the Comics Workbook Roller Derby League. You can find more of her work HERE.

Purchase a copy of Zona #01 HERE.

Bonus video of Gabriella learning to airbrush below…!


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