Comic Arts Brooklyn 2018

Comic Arts Brooklyn, Sunday, November 11, 2018, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

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Julie Doucet signed Dirty Plotte: The Complete Julie Doucet

Jim Woodring

Anne Elizabeth Moore and Julie Doucet in conversation

Gary Leib and Charles Burns

Frank Santoro and Olivier Schrauwen

Georgia Webber and M. Dean

Runny Brownstain” and Sammy Harkham

Leslie Stein

Meghan Turbitt and Ian Harker

Katie Skelly

Connor Willumsen and Patrick Kyle

Jacq Cohen and Simon Hanselmann fourth anniversary wedding photo!

Robyn Chapman of Paper Rocket Mini-Comics

Frank Henenlotter and Mike Diana

Nicole Rifkin

Karl Stevens

Jon Lewis and Tom Kaczynski

David Scalzo and Kevin Scalzo and Eva

Mark Newgarden

Richard Short and Tom Oldham

Georgy Elaev from Siberia!

Matthew James-Wilson

Mārtiņš Zutis repping kuš! komiksi

Sammy Harkham

Patrick Kyle

Connor Willumsen

Simon Hanselmann

Gary Leib

Kevin Scalzo

Robert Stevenson and Frank Santoro

Hartley Lin

Tom Oldham, Joe Kessler and Simon Hacking of Breakdown Press


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