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MoCCA 2016
This past weekend, the Society of Illustrators hosted it’s annual Museum of Comic and Cartooning Art (‘MoCCA’) Arts Festival in some desolate, blasted-out, post-industrialized urban hinterland Manhattan’s far west side. Attendance seemed pretty good at the 2-day show. If anyone who tabled at/attended the show has anything to say about it (Was it a ‘good’ show? What does ‘good’ even mean? Like, did you make a lot of $$$ at the show, or enough to cover your table, or is that something people talk about these days? Did anyone get donuts at the car wash donut shop? How were the panels? What were the highlights of the show, comics-wise? IS this a snapshot of the current ‘industry’? Do we all wish it was 2005 again and that we were back in the Puck building? Does anybody miss that Armory space?, Where do we go from here, etc etc???)…please feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this newsblog.

tumblr_o54vht1tHm1u0q1cdo2_1280Fake__Switches__2015__gouache_and_ink_on_paper__33_1_8_x_25_3_8_in.__81.14_x_64.45_cm__CNON_57.550640Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.03.24 PMScreen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.04.53 PM

Horrocks on Horrocks; Edie Fake at Marlborough Chelsea; Aidan Koch’s After Nothing Comes; Chester Brown’s Mary Wept Over the Feet of Jesus; Delporte in Moominland


Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 12.05.22 PM

Summer Risography
6-8 week artist residency in NYC. Application deadline is April 22.


3 Days Left
Please consider supporting the Retrofit Comics Kickstarter. Image above by Alabaster Pizzo.

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