The Fantagraphics 40th Anniversary Party

The Fantagraphics 40th Anniversary celebration at the Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery and the Georgetown Stables, Saturday, December 10, 2016, Georgetown, Seattle. All photos colored by Graham WillcoxExhibit and display of the 40 year publishing history of Fantagraphics Books Fantagraphics Books co-founder Gary Groth (center) and Ellen Forney (rear, purple cap) Gilbert Hernandez, Ana Merino and Jaime HernandezFantagraphics Co-founder Mike CatronCharles Burns limited-edition prints for the Fantagraphics 40th anniversary exhibitSimon HanselmannDaniel Clowes and Richard Sala photoJacq Cohen and Simon HanselmannFantagraphics co-publisher Eric ReynoldsPeter BaggeTom SpurgeonTom Van Deusen and Josh SimmonsSimon Hanselman musical performanceSimon Hanselmann signingLarry ReidGeorgetown Christmas carolersJosh Simmons and Shanna MatuszakR.J. CaseyAfterparty at the Georgetown StablesJacq Cohen, Anna Pederson and Simon Hanselmann (front) Gary Groth (it woulda been something if Gary used a shotgun instead of a bat on that 40th anniversary piñata!!!)R.J. Casey, Kristy Valenti and Simon Hanselmann

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