San Diego Comic-Con International 2018

My first Comic-Con ever! So my apologies, I tried my best to take as many photos as possible, but this show is overwhelming, yet a lot of fun. Also, I lugged around too much stuff to get signed, which i brought — yes excuses! Anyways, this is all I ended up with despite going in with a more extensive list of cartoonists I wanted to photograph! Oh well, hopefully next year I end up taking more. San Diego Comic-Con International 2018, downtown San Diego Convention Center Exhibit Hall, Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Love & Rockets banner decorates the Fantagraphics Books table

During his signing time, Jaime Hernandez hijinxs! In Locas moments of mischief and glee, notice how Jaime’s characters take after him here!
Maggie, young and bleached blond
Jaime Hernandez: one half of Love & Rockets. The rubber band he fired hit his sister-in-law Carol Hernandez!
Penny Century
My favorite Jaime cover so far of the new version of Love And Rockets, very cinematic and montage-like. Love the wide-screen design of the three panels! (Based on the top panel, I think Jaime could do a nice adaptation of Dune!)
Gilbert Hernandez: one half of Love & Rockets and Assassinistas for IDW Publishing
Gold Sharpie pen looks great on black hardcover of Love & Rockets Volume 15 of the original series!
Awesome signature Gilbert, thank you!
For my friend David
Comic-Con badge and gift bag area as well as the autograph pavilion
Comic-Con 2nd floor entrance area
Noah Van Sciver: Blammo, Fante Bukowski, Disquiet, Constant Companion sketchbook, Saint Cole, Johnny Appleseed, The Hypo and Now contributor
Paid sketch in Disquiet of the father character from The Lizard Laughed short story — in my opinion, Noah’s greatest story, which won me over and made me a permanent fan of his comics!

Taken in downtown Columbus, Ohio during CXC 2016, my photo of Noah appears with a cool color tint on the letter page of the newly released Blammo 10!

My photo of Noah taken in downtown Columbus, Ohio during CXC 2016 appears in the French release
Italian release

Manuele Fior and Noah Van Sciver signing
Manuele Fior: Blackbird Days, The Interview and 5000 km Per Second
Thank you for the awesome painted sketch Manuele!
Sammy Harkham: Crickets and Kramers Ergot anthology
Sammy did a “Tonta” title to go with his Locas pin-up, but it was let off in the final printing for whatever reason. So he did it again here to complete his piece
Sammy finally joined others in the Fanta 40th anniversary book
Geof Darrow: The Shaolin Cowboy, Hard Boiled and Big Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot
A large and affordable original from Geof Darrow, which epitomizes the detail and type of characters in his work
Writer Tini Howard (left) and cartoonist Gilbert Hernandez (right): Assassinistas for IDW Publishing
Tracy Hurren, editor of Dirty Plotte: The Complete Julie Doucet and creative director Tom Devlin of Drawn & Quarterly
Sienna: Blue Hare Comix and Mission: Comics & Art
My very tasty and affordable after Comic-Con dinner at ¡Salud! Barrio Logan
Seconds at ¡Salud! Barrio Logan, this time ceviche and another margarita! See you next year!


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