Quick Guide to Frank Santoro’s Grid Theories

On The Comics Journal, the Layout Workbook Series (from 2011):
Layout Workbook 4 This is the one where I first laid a grid on Tintin pages and people lost their minds.
Layout Workbook 6 I get into Poussin in this one.
Layout Workbook 9 Prince Valiant here.
Layout Workbook 10 Asterios Polyp
Layout Workbook 12 Beto vs. CF
The lecture notes that I usually riff on – they condense the ideas in the layout workbooks: Notes for Comics Symposium
Even better, video excerpts from some of my recent lectures:
Comics As Music (PIX 2016)
My old website coldheatcomics.blogspot.com is full of good riffs. Check out the Format Fever notes and thoughts on my Pompeii process. A lot of the stuff on this website is used as reference for my 8 week online correspondence course.
Here is the Santoro School Handbook, written with the help of Kurt Ankeny: Santoro School Handbook
Notes for my lecture with Aidan Koch and Connor Willumsen at LICAF 2016: LICAF Master Class
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