Harrison is aggregating news for Thursday June 9, 2016. Today we have math jokes, ways of representing the internet, explore anime, and end with words of wisdom from the champ. 



Computer Love 

“I can think of a couple reasons for why I’m only seeing these types of representations of the internet in comics. First, the lower barrier to entry in publishing comics means that younger cartoonists (i.e. heavier online users) are able to publish stories – and they are stories that reflect their lived realities.

But more fundamentally, the norm of using multiple panels in comics presents an advantage over other mediums when it comes to representing the internet. Multiple panels easily mimic the multiple windows and tabs of our online browsing. Split screen representations don’t feel as jarring as it might in other mediums.”

Representing the internet at Cute Juice.



Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 10.54.36 PM

✏️ ? ?

An illustrated guide to math.



1’s 2’s 3’s

“Exacerbating this is a lack of competent gatekeeping. American anime fansites and magazines have until recently shown complete indifference to the art of animation. Anime became popular overseas not for its contributions to craft but for its novel take on certain sci-fi conventions, its explicit sexual content, and its longform storytelling. The few genuine anime researchers like Fred Patten and Jonathan Clements are more often interested in the macro- aspects of the industry, its economics and social impact, than the labors of individual artists. It’s not uncommon to see a supposed expert display cavalier ignorance to the basics of animated technique.”

Engaging conversation about the real aesthetic and conceptual differences between Japanese and North American animation. Read the article AND the comments here.


Scissors and Precipitation 

Watch the film above really LOUD.


? ?

Rest in power.

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