June 30th 2016, Harrison is filling your doggie bag with scenes from Chicago, a classic format returning, darkness on television, sex and mystery, and the ten greatest songs of June 30th 2016.


Starships and Rockets 


Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez to revive their beloved series. The new Love and Rockets marks Gilbert and Jaime’s return to the “floppy” format for the first time in a decade and will measure 8 ½” x 10 ¾”, with at least 32 pages per issue, retailing at $4.99.

Get all the details on the Flog.



“But one problem with the wave of technological change that has made dark lighting easy and cheap for filmmakers is that it doesn’t translate to all television sets. Old televisions did a better job of rendering dark colors than modern ones. Detail that’s visible on an expensive television disappears on a cheap one, and suddenly Game of Thrones is indecipherable. The same is true when a television is viewed in a brightly-lit room or from an angle: Dark scenes lose more detail than bright ones. There’s a reason Best Buy doesn’t have The Godfather playing on their wall of TVs show. (There’s also a reason they were running The Dark Knight in their more dimly-lit Magnolia showrooms for years, directed at people willing to buy their most expensive models.)”

Read about Darkness.


There is no try – Watching the George Lucas Fiasco

“When plans to develop the Presidio site were shelved, Lucas went looking for a new city. Enter Rahm Emanuel. Lucas found an eager suitor in the mayor, who offered up a lakefront site in Grant Park and a sweetheart lease. And clearly the mayor provided Lucas something else, too, something the filmmaker was very accustomed to receiving in Hollywood, but certainly didn’t get in San Francisco: brash creative freedom.”

Read about a mess.


Dr. Paracletus!

“You spoke of love. But I loved you! It was like sinking into a quicksand for me….”

The Trash Twins Sarah Horrocks and Katie Skelly published THE COMPLETE AGENT 73 yesterday. Click below for cigs, sex, mystery, eyepatches, thigh highs, revolvers, and colors.

Read it all here


  1. De La Soul “Ego Trippin’ Part Three (Egoristic Mix)” (1994)
  2. Young Thug “OD” (2015)
  3. Aphex Twin “Bodmin 3” (2009)
  4. Max Roach “Effi” (1968)
  5. Milton Nascimento “Volver a Los 17 (Violeta Parra) feat. Mercedes Sosa
  6. Jazmine Sullivan “Let It Burn” (2014)
  7. VAGUE001 “got em’ buzzing
  8. halpe “emerald
  9. Moses Sumney “Pleas
  10. Beyankha “Stones
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