Sammy Harkham auction

This week’s auction runs from 8/27 4pm nyc time to 9/3 4pm nyc time – more info HERE.

Residency Report: Caleb Orecchio July 2016

Caleb Orecchio and Frank Santoro in conversation in the backyard of the Rowhouse Residency, Pittsburgh, PA – July 2016 Video: Michael Pisano – Editing: Sally Ingraham

PIX 2016 | Bill Griffith Interview

CWTV interviews Bill Griffith, one of underground comics’ founding fathers, about his almost 50 years of making work. Bill is the creator of Zippy the Pinhead (among 3,407 other things) // Get Bill’s latest, the beautiful graphic memoir INVISIBLE INK // Video by Michael Pisano and Di-ay Battad // //