Vanesa R. Del Rey

Featuring Vanesa R. Del Rey // Video by Michael Pisano, Di-ay Battad and Juan Fernandez // // // Soundtrack // Victoria’s Other Secret // Galapagoose Check out The Art of Vanesa R. Del Rey HERE.

Comics As Music

PIX April 2nd 2016 Filmed by Michael Pisano – Edited by Michael Pisano and Sally Ingraham

Connor Willumsen LICAF 2016

Connor Willumsen teaching a Comics Workbook-hosted workshop at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, 2016

Aidan Koch at LICAF

Aidan Koch discusses a collaborative project during a workshop she led at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2016.

Frank Santoro @ SPX 2016

SPX – September 17th 2016 Exerpts from the workshop with Cameron Weston Nicholson and Frank Santoro Filmed and edited by Tyler Q Tucker and Sally Ingraham (Watch the rest of the workshop footage HERE.)

Michael DeForge Auction

thee great Michael DeForge has generously donated three drawings to benefit the school. Each drawing is on A4 size construction paper in crayon. They are from 2014. Each drawing will be available separately. Minimum bid 100 bux for each drawing. Please list your bids in order of the video. Email your bids to me santoroschoolATgmail […]