Pompei (001 Edizioni) review by Simona Di Rosa

Simona Di Rosa wrote a review of Pompei for FuoriPosto on May 23rd 2018. Valerio Stivè translates it from Italian below. Premiered at Napoli COMICON, Pompeii – a graphic novel published by 001 Edizioni from Torino – is written and drawn by Frank Santoro, and set in Pompeii a few days before the eruption that […]

Pompei (001 Edizioni) review by Daniele Barbieri

Daniele Barbieri‘s review of Pompei by Frank Santoro (001 Edizioni, 2018) was originally published on Fumettologica on May 5th 2018. You can read the Italian review HERE. Valerio Stivè, who translated Frank Santoro’s Pompeii (PictureBox, 2013) into Italian for 001 Edizioni, kindly translates Barbieri’s review into English for us below (with sections in bold retained […]

New for June 2018 at Copacetic Comics

LAAB Magazine #0 by Ronald Wimberly, et al Ronald Wimberly & Co.’s LAAB Magazine is here! This GIGANTIC broadsheet – spreads measure a whopping 23″ x 32″! – and it’s is divided into three sections, just like a newspaper – unlocks social strictures and unpacks social structures employing Black/ness and (its) representation as key and signifier.  This […]

Frank Santoro’s ‘Pittsburgh’

Frank Santoro‘s new book – Pittsburgh – is now available from Editions çà et là! If you’re in the States you can get a copy through Copacetic Comics – HERE. About the book, Bill Boichel writes: “OK, all you comics aficionados and connoisseurs exhausting yourselves searching high and low for a comics work that will […]

On Kriota Willberg’s “Draw Stronger” – thoughts from Sara Sarmiento

Sara Sarmiento here: A particular gripe of mine for several years now has been how little we as a society tend to know about our bodies until we have injured ourselves. I can’t tell you how many conversations I’ve had with friends where we talk about how we wish we knew all the things we know […]

Ed Piskor’s X-Men Grand Design #1

(Warning: the following contains spoilers for X-Men Grand Design #1!) When I got to Phantom of the Attic in Pittsburgh, PA, on Wednesday afternoon around 4 PM, there was already a line 12 people deep snaking away from the table where Ed Piskor was signing copies of X-Men Grand Design #1. The air was electric, […]

The Walking Man – Jiro Taniguchi

The Walking Man is a sui generis work of pen and ink contemplation, a book filled with page after page of microcosmical meanderings that follow the whim of the moment, ungoverned by any societal dictate, yielding neither to appetite but only to impulse, following the life force in page after page of disciplined and reserved yet discreetly joyous artwork that sympathetically stimulates the senses in a work freed from consciously directed narrative to wander where the heart roams.

The Blonde Woman – Aidan Koch

Aidan Koch is currently at the forefront of efforts to bring painterly values to comics.  Continuing a tradition with forebears including Jeffrey Jones, Jon J Muth and Frank Santoro, Ms. Koch creates comics in which the content is to be found as much through the process of representation as in that which is being represented.  The Blonde Woman is a 48 page, full color, graphic novella, originally printed…

Education – John Hankiewicz

A tour de force of comics formalism, John Hankiewicz’s graphic novel, Education is a bolt from the blue.  Hankiewicz’s comics work is perilously difficult to describe, but we’re going to take a moment to get our thoughts in order here at Copacetic… and make an attempt to back up our encouragement to any and all takers to tackle the challenge proferred by…