Sally Ingraham here with two recent reads – Kate Gavino’s ‘Sanpaku’ and Maggie Umber’s ‘270º’! ————————————————————————————————— A summer interview in Paste Magazine with Kate Gavino put her new comic – Sanpako – on my radar. When it turned up at Copacetic Comics I read it eagerly. As I had suspected, the intricate backgrounds of each page (inspired […]


Sally Ingraham here with thoughts on Lisa Hanawalt’s “Coyote Doggirl”! ————————————————————————————————— Lisa Hanawalt‘s new comic Coyote Doggirl (her first graphic novel, just out from Drawn & Quarterly) takes the popular Western genre for a playful spin – but even in Hanawalt’s humorous hands there are bones to uncover in the desert. I was immediately struck by […]

New for August 2018 at Copacetic Comics

Blammo #10 by Noah Van Sciver It’s here! It took us a minute to get these in stock and up on the site, but the latest issue of Noah Van Sciver’s Blammo – one of a tiny handful of outstanding single-creator comics-anthology titles currently being produced in North America (see below for more) – has at last […]


Juan Fernandez reflects on Madeleine Witt’s WHAT THE BODY IS FOR  ———————————————————— What the Body is For // Self-published //  $7 BUY IT NOW This is a poetic collection of 41 four panel comics that, as self-described, are about the body and what it is for. These comics were drawn daily in Massachusetts between Valentine’s Day & […]


Sam Ombiri is visiting family for a few weeks, and finished writing this review while traveling to Kenya. He sent it to us during brief access to the Internet, and wrote: “Hopefully it’s not too late – I don’t know what day it is there,” and apologized for a possible lack of focus while typing […]

New for July 2018 at Copacetic Comics

Pittsburgh by Frank Santoro OK, all you comics aficionados and connoisseurs exhausting yourselves searching high and low for a comics work that will push the boundaries of the medium while stunning your senses and remaking your conception(s) of self, for a work that you can really sink your æsthetic, emotional and intellectual teeth into – you have reached quest’s end… […]

Pompei (001 Edizioni) review and interview on C4 Comic

An interview with Frank Santoro and a review of Pompei (001 Edizioni, 2018) were published on C4 Comic in June of 2018. They are excerpted from below (we will have complete translations from the Italian to English soon!)


Juan Fernandez reviews A Savage Journey to the Heart of An Anime Convention by M.S. Harkness; King Cat #78 Pre-Orders; Tommi Parrish – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – A Savage Journey to the Heart of An Anime Convention by M.S. Harkness. Minneapolis […]


Sally Ingraham here with a look at M. S. Harkness’ “Tinderella” – plus other comics and news!  ——————————————————————————— M. S. Harkness‘ Tinderella (Kilgore Books, June 2018) is an achingly familiar story (heartache, stomachache, side-ache from laughing…) It’s an autobiographical tale of online dating while being poor and in your 20s. If it was merely a […]