Gloria Rivera – Rowhouse Residency Report

Gloria Rivera is a comics artist from Canyon Country, CA. An alum of the Santoro Correspondence Course for Comic Book Makers, and a member of the CW Roller Derby League, she joined us in Pittsburgh for a Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency March 23rd-29th 2017. Here are Gloria’s thoughts about her experience, in her own words.  ————————————————————————————————————— The Quick List […]

Suzy and Cecil – 2016 Strips

Suzy and Cecil is a collaborative daily comic strip project based on characters invented by Frank Santoro and Bill Boichel. It is primarily drawn by Gabriella Tito and Sally Ingraham, two of Frank’s students and members of the Comics Workbook Roller Derby League. The strip updates everyday on Instagram – HERE. Below we have presented the first […]

Derby Bout: Locas “King of the Hustle”

The Comics Workbook Roller Derby “of the mind” League hosts “derby bouts” every week. These bouts are essentially drawing challenges that push the girls toward increasing their skill set and experience. They might involve trying different layout or sequencing techniques, making a comic that focuses on figures, drawing FAST, making a comic using only shapes […]

On Being a Woman in the Manly World of Daniel Clowes

Editor’s Note: This is one essay that you’ll need to read all the way through to the end in order to really appreciate what Ms. Mardou is getting at here.  We’re confident that you’ll be glad that you did. The novelist John Updike (1932-2009) experienced a feminist backlash during his long career. Possessed of laser […]

Tezuka Grid “Roller Derby Bout”

The Comics Workbook Roller Derby League holds regular “derby bouts” – a recent one was the Tezuka Grid challenge with an emphasis on the figure. These bouts are meant to really challenge the team – our captain had noticed a tendancy in the group toward more “plein air” style comics, so she organized this bout to push […]

Comics Community Heart: an Interview with Kevin Czap

“The Emerging Talent Award – this goes to a cartoonist whom we feel has plenty of promise as a cartoonist and has shown themselves to be a solid and giving community member as well… We love everything we’ve ever learned about you, in terms of your comics community heart.” —Tom Spurgeon, during the presentation of […]

Cartoon Crossroads Columbus: is this real life?

CXC happened last weekend in Columbus, OH, and I got to represent Team Comics Workbook and also myself as a special guest (this has never happened to me before – count me overexcited and also terrified!) I get in on Thursday night and head to the President’s Reception feeling very wallflowerish as I know literally no […]

Bucket of Blood

Women self-censor. Think about all the non-pregnant women of childbearing age that you know. A quarter of them are probably menstruating right now. So what? Is that statistical fact even a big deal? Yeah. Kinda. I think so. You’re sat here reading these words on a screen because a woman once had a functioning menstrual […]

Art Trip: At the Magic House

The notion of a Children’s Museum just didn’t exist in the 1980s when I was a child and let’s face it, it’s a complete misnomer. There’s nothing “museum-like” about St Louis’s Magic House, enjoyable as it is (for children). When I was a kid, the Museum meant the Manchester Museum, with impressive items pillaged from […]