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Juan Fernanadez here with your Wednesday Spanish language comics news: Selo Piqui’s TOPOGRAFIAS; Valencia Línea Clara; Comics workshop with LUTO; Ana Galvañ comics making video series; Isabel Cortés Navarro entrevista a Max; taking a look at Portugal’s Chili com Carne; fotos de los cicloreaders y Sindy Elefante. ————————————————————————————————— Now available: Topografias Topographias is Selo Piqui‘s latest collection of […]


Aaron Cockle with Warren Craghead Comics; Pioneers of the Comic-Strip; Comix 4 Orlando; Hilda on Netflix; Flag Press!; Schulz/Ford; Rowhouse Auction Continues ————————————————————————————————— Colonialism by Warren Craghead CW’s Featured Comics continues this week with work by Warren Craghead III from 2013. ————————————————————————————————— Pioneers of the Comic Strip: A different Avant-Garde June 23–September 18, 2016 Schirn […]


Juan here with: Warren Craghead’s COLONIALISM; Rowhouse Auction June 26-July 2; Simon Hanselmann interviewed; Vanesa Del Rey art available; Mari Naomi shares Sorese’s CURVEBALL; Ethical Sloth #6 submission deadline approaches;John Martz’ BE GOOD; LINE: AN ART STUDY. ————————————————————————————————— Featured Comics: Colonialism – Warren Craghead  I’m happy to announce that we are featuring Warren Craghead III’s Colonialism […]


Sally here with a stack of news that’s taller than me… We’ve got a report on HeroesCon, an announcement from Jillian Fleck, NPR’s take on Lisa Hanawalt, Heidi MacDonald’s Fall 2016 release picks, insights on Patrick Kyle and Andrea Tsurumi, an exciting development from D+Q/ALA, and a celebration of Mutha Magazine. Let’s dig in before we lose the […]


Harrison’s Daily News for June 23, 2016 starts off in the Salon, drops off midway with Inkbrick 5, and lands with some Busdriver. ————————————————————————————————— Salon Etiquette  Your favorite correspondent’s favorite correspondent Juan Fernandez reflects on the latest meeting of the Pittsburgh Comics Salon. Ingest your daily vitamins of theory, modular grids, holding the center, and more below. […]


Juan Fernandez here with your weekly spanish language comics round up: Helen Jo & Jonny Negron in THE DIAZ ARCHIVE; Berliac’s DESOLATION.EXE;Sindy Elefante presenta CicloReaders no.1; Taller de GIF via Sofia Alvarez; Antonio Samudio; Martin Lopez Liam in CuCo; birth of BUÑO; Caravaggio Comics by Álvaro Ortiz. ————————————————————————————————— On the site: New in the Diaz Archive: […]


Aaron Cockle with GG Comics; Aidan Koch Exhibiting; ELCAF Capsule Reviews; Susan Te Kahurangi King; Jason Shiga; Ink Brick 5; Hopper Process ————————————————————————————————— Unattainable by GG CW’s featured comic for this week, from 2015. All of GG’s comics can be read for free on her website (completed stories) and on her tumblr (in progress stories). […]


Juan Fernandez here with: GG’s UNATTAINABLE; the PIX 2016 Bill Griffith interview; Format Fever from the vault; Aatmaja Pandya’s PHANTOM; Sarah Bowie’s FOURTEEN EURO’s IN PRIMARK; Lisa Hanawalt at Bitch; Gulag Casual Reviewed; Reflections on Rebecca Roher’s BIRD IN A CAGE. ————————————————————————————————— On the site: Unattainable by GG We’re excited to feature Unattainable by GG […]


Sally here this Friday with festival news from CAKE, quick profiles on Marta Chudolinska and Françoise Mouly, more Retrofit Comics reviews than you can shake a stick at, and further details about the first rad Rowhouse Residency! ————————————————————————————————— Mahmoud Hashemi and Matt Conway spent Memorial Day Weekend at the CW Rowhouse, and then Mahmoud wrote us a detailed report […]