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Empezamos el día con Alexis Ziritt, Fabian Rangel Jr.; Power Paola; La Polola;Vincente Jose Cociña; Tenderete Fest 14; Casa Ajena; Begoña García-Alén; Sol Díaz; y los tebeos de Comics Workbook! ————————————————————————————————— To celebrate the arrival of Alexis Ziritt and Fabian Rangel Jr.’s, return to North American bookshelves with the hardcover graphic novel, Tarantula. Vault of Midnight Detroit hit up […]


Aaron Cockle here today with The ClairFree System; Pope Hats; Blind Spot and Black Paper; The Republic of Samsung; Printer Steganography ————————————————————————————————— ‘Here, she explains the inspiration behind her images and what she hopes readers to take from her work.’ Sally linked to this piece this past Friday, Claire Landsbaum asked Jillian Tamaki to dissect some of […]


Caleb Orecchio here with some thoughts on Brighter Than You Think: Ten Short Works by Alan Moore—plus some links ————————————————————————————————— Though Alan Moore has not really drawn a comic since the late 70’s, he is so obviously the auteur of the comics he writes that I am tempted to consider him a “cartoonist.” I mean, not […]


Friday with the cool kids – Rhoda Kellogg, Eleanor Davis, Trina Robbins, Katie Skelly, Lisa Lim, Gabrielle Bell, and more! ————————————————————————————————— Brian Belott has designed an exhibition inspired by the work of Rhoda Kellogg, “one of the foremost, undersung researchers of the doodles, wiggles, and dreams that kids draw.” Among his varied art projects, over the […]


Sam Ombiri on Josh Bayer’s RAW POWER, a Tarantula, and chain-breaking Wonder Woman for your Thursday. ————————————————————————————————— Sam Ombiri here: Raw Power by Josh Bayer is a barrage of one moment after the other, that never ends. Every time I tried reading the book before, it wasn’t so accommodating. I’d try to follow the story, and […]


Empezamos el día con Isabel Méndez y los derechos de ls traductores; Fernanda Frick en La Polola; Ines Estrada; Sol Díaz; Tercer Encuentro Internacional de Narrativas Dibujadas; y por supuesto los tebeos de Comics Workbook! ————————————————————————————————— Y los traductores… ¿tienen derechos de autor? Isabel Méndez nos presenta un guía genial sobre los derechos del autor. En este mundo […]


Aaron Cockle here today with Davis/Tamaki; Alex Katz in the Subway; Line Hoven & Nora Krug; Ware on Steinberg; CAKE Reminder; Marginalia; NY Times Comics ————————————————————————————————— ‘I am constantly bewildered by the juxtapositions of city-life.’ Eleanor Davis in conversation with Jillian Tamaki, in support of Tamaki’s new book, Boundless: ED: Did you write “World Class […]


Caleb Orecchio here with thoughts on recently read comics by Mickey Z, Matthew Thurber, and Jillian Tamaki, and enough links to make a cat bark. ————————————————————————————————— Below are some thoughts on some recent comics I’ve read. Three very different comics by three very different cartoonists. Mostly, I’ve been thinking about how people draw so that is reflected […]


Sally here with some Wonder Women for your weekend – Lynda Barry, Annie Koyama, Teresa Roberts Logan, G. Willow Wilson, Trina Robbins, and more! ————————————————————————————————— Aww…look at the tiny fabulous Lynda Barry, making a guest appearance in Bil Keane’s Family Circus…! Over on The Comics Beat Heidi MacDonald writes joyously about how this came about: […]