Comics Workbook Roller Derby League

Comics Workbook Roller Derby is the world’s only all-female, cartoonist-operated “roller derby of the mind” league. The league is comprised of strong, diverse, and independent women from the international comics community. Our derby borrows the dedication, competition, and teamwork we see in professional roller derby and applies these same mental practices to improve our comic […]

“Tell Me All Your Bad Thoughtz on God” – Jillian Fleck

Jillian Fleck made “Tell Me All Your Bad Thoughtz on God” in 2015 for Comics Workbook as part of her Bad Thoughtz series. It’s our privilege to feature it here for your reading pleasure. For more in her  Bad Thoughtz series, visit her site HERE. Jillian Fleck is an artist from Calgary, Alberta. She makes comics and drawings. Fleck […]

Residency Report: Pokémon GO Edition

Audra Stang visited the Rowhouse in July of 2016. She accomplished an incredible amount in the three days she was in Pittsburgh, setting new Rowhouse records for “crushing it”. She shared some journal notes with us recently that describe many of her impressions and experiences of her residency. I’ve shared excerpts from them below, mixed with some […]

Art Trip: The Orlando Museum of Art

The Orlando Museum of Art is located in Loch Haven Park with the Science Center close by. Their biggest exhibition right now is their Contemporary Art exhibit from May 13th to August 28th. When I visited recently I was pleasantly surprised to find that the the exhibition was extremely diverse, with many female and Latino artists. […]

Locas Starring Hopey – Reimagined by the CW Roller Derby team

Jaime Hernandez is the master of gesture and body language, as this early Locas story clearly demonstrates. Members of the Comics Workbook Roller Derby team copied this story during our weekly practice, trying to get those gestures down while experimenting with new artistic and storytelling techniques. Each woman who played drew one page of this short story. […]

2° Encontro Lady’s Comics

Hi there – this is Anna Mancini, or Manzanna, from Brazil. I just returned from the 2° Encontro Lady’s Comics, a pioneer event in Brazil dedicated to comics made by women. From July 29 to 31, 2ELC took place in Belo Horizonte, home of FIQ – Brazil’s International Comics Festival. This second edition was organized by FIQ […]

Art Trip: Pots, Lamps and Comics in Rio

A couple of weeks ago, I visited the “Carlos Scliar – from reflection to creation” exhibition at Caixa Cultural, in Rio de Janeiro. With a friend by my side, who is also a designer and cartoonist, I had the chance to look closely at his paintings, drawings and screen prints. I wasn’t really familiar with […]