Comics Workbook Composition Competition Entries (2016)

You can find the rules for this years competition here. This is list is now finalized. Last updated 8 PM 8/31/2016
Quick note: including Disqualified entries, 2016 had almost as many entries as 2013, 2014and 2015 combined.
Disqualified entries are marked as such.

Homesick – Gabriella Tito

Gabriella Tito made Homesick for the first issue of Zona (Comics Workbook, January 2016), channeling her considerable drawing chops into a story of quiet exploration in black and white. During her recent Comics Workbook Rowhouse Residency, Gabriella revisited her comic in a unique way. She decided to color it, experimenting with different mediums ranging from airbrush […]

“Tell Me All Your Bad Thoughtz on God” – Jillian Fleck

Jillian Fleck made “Tell Me All Your Bad Thoughtz on God” in 2015 for Comics Workbook as part of her Bad Thoughtz series. It’s our privilege to feature it here for your reading pleasure. For more in her  Bad Thoughtz series, visit her site HERE. Jillian Fleck is an artist from Calgary, Alberta. She makes comics and drawings. Fleck […]

Locas Starring Hopey – Reimagined by the CW Roller Derby team

Jaime Hernandez is the master of gesture and body language, as this early Locas story clearly demonstrates. Members of the Comics Workbook Roller Derby team copied this story during our weekly practice, trying to get those gestures down while experimenting with new artistic and storytelling techniques. Each woman who played drew one page of this short story. […]

Mickey Z // 2012-2013

Mickey Z is an original Comicsworkbooker. One of Providence’s best artists who has blazed a trail of tears because no one can imitate this master blaster. Let’s bring it back to 2012… – FS  

Midden Feeder – Tom Kemp

Tom Kemp made midden feeder  in 2015 and it was printed for Safari Festival 2015. It is now out of print. It’s our pleasure to feature it here for your reading pleasure. Kemp will be surfing the new waves in contemporary comics and art at this year’s Safari Festival in London on August 27th. Don’t miss him.  

May Flowers – Shannon Wright

Today’s comic was made by Shannon Wright in 2015 for Frank Santoro’s Correspondence Course. She took the principles that Frank teaches and implemented them in a gorgeous fashion, really setting the bar a full notch higher. Shannon is a cartoonist and illustrator who recently graduated from VCU. You can see some of her other comics HERE. May Flowers […]

Alpenglow – Alyssa Berg

Alpenglow was made in 2015 by Alyssa Berg for the 2015 Comics Workbook Composition Competition. It won 1st place in that year’s composition competition. Presented below is the full comic as it appeared on Comics Workbook.

Sacred Conversation – Jack Brougham

Made in 2014 by Jack Brougham for Comics Workbook, Sacred Conversation is a short comic about time. Here you’ll find lush digital color work that milks loose pencils and inks for all that their worth. A loose and lively conversation between all narrative elements. Presented below is the full comic as it appeared on Comics Workbook. Jack Brougham  lives and works […]