Juan here with PIX 2017, Art Happens on PCTV21, comics and image related news that’s caught my eye and of course the inimitable Suzy and Cecil.


Feast your eyes on the first official PIX 2017 Poster, by PIX 2017 special guest, Lale Westvind. Damn.

PIX is pleased to announce it’s first confirmed guest at PIX 2017 – Lale Westvind!
Lale is a beacon of self-publishing and a veteran of small press comics.  She has self published many small batch comics, among them Titus and the Cyber Sun, Hot Dog BeachNow and Here, Double Head Tour, and the just released Yazar and Arkadas.  Her stunning multicolor risograph, Hax, published by Breakdown Press in the UK, was one of the standout releases of 2016.   Her work has also appeared in numerous anthologies, most notably the latest Kramers Ergot (#9).

And, she has graced PIX 2017 with its first graphic, which will soon be posted here.  Watch for it!


Staying with the local Pittsburgh news, I hopped on the airwaves on PCTV21 to talk comics with Christiane Leach and Jennifer Saffron on Art Happens. We talked about what I’m talking about all the time with Frank and Sally here at the Rowhouse. It was good to get all this talk outta the house. If you want to know what it’s like to talk with me in person, here’s a taste.
I can’t tell you how nice it is to have conversations with comics with people who are willing to play ball and to see comics as a vital intersection of the arts. Christiane and Jennifer are amazing hosts, always ready to get their hands dirty with whatever is on hand. It’s great to bring to the world these ideas that have been instilled in me by Frank Santoro, Bill Boichel via BEM, Copacetic Comics and Comics Workbook. I’d be nowhere without these guys.

Grab something warm and sit down with us. Treat it like a podcast while you work.

My buddy Em DeMarco, here in Pittsburgh, has put out a call for a comic that she’s making about hate-related incidents post-election. I want to pass the mic on over to her:

*IF* you’ve experienced verbal or other forms of harassment since Nov. 8th:

I’m gathering stories for a nonfiction comic about hate-related incidents that have happened since the election in Western Pennsylvania. I’d like to hear stories of people who feel like they’ve been targeted in any way because of their (real or perceived) race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. *** IF you feel comfortable sharing your story *** private message me, or email me at emcorp.works@gmail.com.

Feel free to share this with friends or family who you think might be interested in speaking with me.

Thank you,

Em DeMarco


when you can’t work harder, work smarter – for real though <3

Comics and news that’ve caught my eye:

From Comics Workbook

Suzy and Cecil – 12-19-2016 – by Gabriella Tito

The affordable and versatile offerings of overprinting. Important for offset and risograph printing.(Among the many topics covered in the Santoro Correspondence Course for Comic Book Makers)

until next time!

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