Aaron here today with Lyn Hejinian and Open Comics; Singularity Festival 2017; Lee Krasner


Robert Grenier’s Cambridge M’Ass (1979)
‘The open text is dynamic, and interactive, as reading is most pleasurable when it is active, and incites the imagination.’
Former CW resident Jackie Kirby takes a deep look at Lyn Hejinian’s work and deconstructs comics by Lynda Barry, Robert Grenier, M. Norbese Phillips and Ikeda Ryoko, Alyssa Berg, Michael Deforge, and Andy Burkholder:
Understanding the aesthetic merits of an open text is perhaps made easier by looking at Hejinian’s work in tandem with sociologist Wolfgang Iser’s phenomenological approach to reading (1972). Iser views the meaning and totality of a literary object to be a virtual, dynamic and contradictory thing. Its gestalt, or the perceived unity and oneness from a configuration of parts, does not exist in the text itself, nor in the mind of the reader, but in the co-operation of the two: the act of reading itself. The text is a set of raw materials provided by the author. In a text, information is presented in the form of discretely separated units (in comics, panels; in prose, sentences; in verse, lines) juxtaposed in a pattern according to the author’s artistic desires. Iser writes, “The sentences are ‘component parts’ insofar as they make statement, claims, or observations, or convey information, and so establish various perspectives of the text. But they remain only ‘component parts’—they are not the sum total of the text itself.” These sentences are building blocks of a not-yet-existing meaning, which will be produced through the act of reading the text. Through the reading process, the reader assembles the “component parts” into a coherent whole. In comics, we can think of this as the way a reader navigates through panels to produce meaning. The reader’s imagination and memory give shape to the interaction of distinct parts “foreshadowed” by the sequence and structure of panels. The information present in the material comic is processed through the reader’s imagination and experience, the result being the production of the comic-as-meaningful.


Singularity Festival 2017

南拳北腿 ETH, TONY CHEUNG, 90Kwok联展 December 8-20, 2017 17:00-23:00 Opening December 8, 2017 19:00pm PIL公共形象公司 北京东城区鼓楼东大街206号 No.206, Guloudong St,Dongcheng District, Beijing


Through January 13, 2018, at Paul Kasmin Gallery

Paul Kasmin Gallery, in collaboration with the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, is pleased to announce an inaugural solo exhibition of paintings by Lee Krasner, which will focus on her iconic Umber Paintings. The series consists of only twenty-four paintings, eight of which are held in major institutional collections. The exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated and comprehensive catalogue raisonné on the series with an essay by art historian Dr. David Anfam, Senior Consulting Curator of the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver and curator of the recent exhibition Abstract Expressionism at the Royal Academy, London.

Painted between 1959 and 1962, Krasner’s Umber Paintings were realized during one of her most ambitious periods of creative production following the sudden and tragic loss of her husband, Jackson Pollock. During this time of newfound solitude, Krasner moved into Pollock’s studio at their home in the Springs, East Hampton, which enabled her to experiment on large canvases for the first time. In addition to the increase in scale, this period was also characterized by a further commitment to ‘allover’ compositions, an emphasis on gesturality and an engagement with the individual psyche.

Lee Krasner, Uncaged


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Vision Box – 12-5-2017 – by Cameron Arthur


Joanie and Jordie – 12-5-2017 – by Caleb Orecchio

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