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Post Thanksgiving: Comix & Graphic Novel Night
Sunday, November 25, 2018, 79pm
85 East 4th Street, NYC

KGB Comix Night is more than just a night of free entertainment—we also have a fun raffle with awesome prizes! A $5 donation will get you a raffle ticket. Raffle proceeds are split between the hosts and readers. Co-hosted by Robyn Chapman and Robin Enrico.

Ariel Schrag
 is the author of the novel Adam and the graphic memoirs Part of It, Awkward, Definition, Potential, and Likewise. Potential was nominated for an Eisner Award and Likewise was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award. Schrag has written for TV series on HBO and Showtime. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. www.arielschrag.com/

Gabrielle Bell’s most recent book, Everything is Flammable, was named one of the best graphic novels of 2017 by Entertainment Weekly, Paste Magazine, Publisher’s Weekly, and several others. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. gabriellebell.com/

Stephanie Mannheim grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she began self-publishing her own mini-comics in high school. She graduated from Barnard College in 2014 and currently lives in Ridgewood, Queens. Her comic Nate the Nonconformist Has a Rival was recently published by Birdcage Bottom Books. www.stephaniemannheim.com

A.T. Pratt is a cartoonist, designer, writer, illustrator, fine artist, and self-publisher. A lot of his comics and other printed work features tricks and special features such as fold-outs, pop-ups, and peek-a-boos. He is the chief creative officer of MrMiSocki, a sock brand that comes with comics about the characters (who are the socks). atpratt.net


Louise Bourgeois

In materials as diverse as wood, steel, bronze, latex, marble, plaster, resin, hemp, lead, ink, pencil, crayon, woodcut, watercolor, and gouache, Bourgeois investigates every imaginable manifestation of the spiral, from graphic patterns to graphite whorls, wobbly orbits to chiseled vortices, twisted columns to coiling snakes, staircases, and pyramids. The cursive blue-paper word drawings, in English and French, complement the purely visual works by conveying the spirit of Bourgeois’ poetry in extraordinary pictorial forms.

In a statement recorded in the book, Louise Bourgeois: Designing For Free Fall by Christine Meyer-Thoss (Zurich: Ammann Verlag, 1992), the artist has called the spiral “an attempt at controlling the chaos. It has two directions. Where do you place yourself, at the periphery or at the vortex?” The spiral is simultaneously “the fear of losing control” and the experience of “giving up control; of trust, positive energy, of life itself.”


Recent research has demonstrated the vulnerability of fingerprint recognition systems to dictionary attacks based on MasterPrints. MasterPrints are real or synthetic fingerprints that can fortuitously match with a large number of fingerprints thereby undermining the security afforded by fingerprint systems. Previous work by Roy et al. generated synthetic MasterPrints at the feature-level. In this work we generate complete image-level MasterPrints known as DeepMasterPrints, whose attack accuracy is found to be much superior than that of previous methods. The proposed method, referred to as Latent Variable Evolution, is based on training a Generative Adversarial Network on a set of real fingerprint images. Stochastic search in the form of the Covariance Matrix Adaptation Evolution Strategy is then used to search for latent input variables to the generator network that can maximize the number of impostor matches as assessed by a fingerprint recognizer. Experiments convey the efficacy of the proposed method in generating DeepMasterPrints. The underlying method is likely to have broad applications in fingerprint security as well as fingerprint synthesis.



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