Caleb Orecchio here with the weirdest comic book of all time


Stray Cats by Ted Echterling (1991) is like a dream (a fever-dream of a young Doctor Moreau) that wakes you up to a feeling of nausea. It lingers in your mind and puts you into a funk for the rest of the day.

The perversion of this comic is that it portrays anthropomorphic animals as ACTUAL animals. A woman holds another cat-sized woman in her hands and treats her like a pet. The felinesque people in turn act like animals. The image is simply unsettling. A grotesquery.

Grotesque as it may be, you have to admire the courage to render such personal fancies. It is comics like these where I feel I am seeing the world through the author’s eyes and I, despite my reluctance, respect that vision. Artists dedicate their lives to depict life as they see it, and Echterling (where are you now?) managed to do just that in a strangely direct way.

This is the comic that dares to ask, “Are cats people too?”

I put this comic in the middle of my apartment to repel mice, dog-lovers and other decent human-beings.

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