Nine days into September, and Sally’s here to sort through the ruckus of late summer with you. I’ve got Dash Shaw and his new film in Toronto, old pages from Sasha Mardou and new thoughts from her on Julie Doucet, Comics Workbook at SPX, Keiler Roberts on Mutha Magazine, a new Correspondence Course ready to unleash, Jessica Campbell getting some A.V. Club love, Annie Mok on Tillie Walden, the Composition Competition results, a look at Microcosm Publishers, Kyung Me’s first solo show, and a very special last chance… Attention! Proceed.



If you’re in Toronto this weekend, or within a less than an 8 hours drive from the city, I don’t want to hear any excuses – you had better be at the WORLD PREMIERE of Dash Shaw’s new film – My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea – at the Toronto International Film Festival. The screening is on Sunday at 2:45pm. BE THERE.

Inventive, beautiful, and more than a little bizarre, the animated feature debut from acclaimed graphic novelist Dash Shaw is surely the most delightful disaster movie in cinema history. To say that My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea is like John Hughes fused with The Poseidon Adventure makes for a snappy pitch — and it’s true — but it doesn’t prepare you for the sheer originality of Dash’s vision. Jason Schwartzman, Lena Dunham, Maya Rudolph, Susan Sarandon, and Reggie Watts supply voices for this story about what it takes to survive adolescence. Literally.” – via tiff

Full details and how to get tickets HERE.


Doucet, Julie, 2006 Elle Humour (Picture Box Inc)

Here on the site we have a new essay by Sacha Mardou on taboos and the comics of Julie Doucet. It is –

 “…a personal response to the comics of Julie Doucet, which, since I first encountered them in my early twenties, served to rock my world. They forced me to question the kind of comics I wanted to make, my attitudes towards the female experience on and off the page, towards biology, sex and shame. All that stuff factored in my response to Julie Doucet’s comics. Plus they look and read great. They still hold this timeless, glorious power for me. I’m so freaking glad she made the comics she did! Let us take a look!

Read the rest of the essay HERE – it’ll make you laugh and probably squirm too (and you should stop and think about WHY!)


While we’re talking about Sacha Mardou, here’s a page from her Manhole #3 comic – a work that is increasingly difficult to find. Phil Dokes has a copy, and with Sacha’s permission he scanned and shared it – so you can read the whole thing HERE. As Phil puts it:

This is [Sacha’s] great, and rare (trust me on that) comic Manhole #3. Awesome to have art and words lean on each like she does, you pull one away from the other and it’s Jenga time!” – Phil Dokes

Sacha Mardou – Manhole #3

Here’s the link again for the rest!



Stop whatever you’re doing and make sure that you are signed up for the terrific workshops that Comics Workbook is hosting at SPX next weekend. Make comics with Carol Tyler, Jeffrey Brown, Charles Burns, Frank Santoro, Cameron Nicholson, Juan Fernandez, and some of the crew from Fantagraphics Spanish Fever! Full workshop descriptions HERE.



Ugh…so school, am I right? It’s back in session. Over on Mutha Magazine Keiler Roberts has one part of the endless saga of parents and kids, teachers and kids, kids and kids…

How Was School Today – Keiler Roberts

Read more about it and poke around on Mutha Magazine for more cool comics – HERE. Read more comics by Keiler Roberts on her website – including Powdered Milk Vol. 1-11.


Speaking of school – the VERY BEST SORT is also back in session. The fall semester of the Santoro Correspondence Course for Comic Book Makers is a GO! Applications are due Sept. 16th – course starts Sept. 23rd. You’ve always wanted to make comics, right? And all those terrific comics popping up all over Tumblr lately (due to the Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2016, no doubt) has really inspired you – RIGHT? So sign up for the Correspondence Course and take your cartooning to a whole other sphere of being. Do it! ALL THE DETAILS ARE HERE.



There is a preview of Jessica Campbell‘s Hot or Not over on the A.V. Club! They write:

The 20th century brought about huge shifts in the world of fine art, thanks to the technological and cultural changes over those 100 years, but Jessica Campbell isn’t interested in evaluating the merits of the actual artwork in her new graphic novel Hot Or Not: 20th-Century Male Artists. The majority of the major artists during this time are men, and Campbell subjects those men to the objectification women have had to deal with for pretty much all of history by judging them on their physical appearances rather than the quality of their creations. The result is a hilarious, slyly subversive exploration of subjectivity, and the criticisms ultimately reveal more about the critic than they do the artists.” – via the A.V. Club

Check out the preview HERE. Find Jessica Campbell at SPX next weekend, hanging out at the Koyama Press table (W10-11A).



Annie Mok interviewed Tillie Walden over on The Comics Journal this week –

Tillie Walden is a young Texas-based cartoonist who has three graphic novellas from UK’s Avery Hill Publishing to her name (The End of Summer in 2015 and I Love This Part and A City Inside in 2016), as well as her upcoming graphic memoir about synchronized skating for First Second, Spinning (fall 2017). Tillie wields a high degree of technical polish with her clean inks and dreamy watercolor tones, always in service of challenging emotional storytelling, often centering around teenage queer relationships. I spoke to Tillie by Skype from her apartment in Austin.” – Annie Mok via tcj.com

Read the interview HERE!


A spread from Shee Phon’s award-winning comic

There is still dancing in the streets over the Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2016 results – if you haven’t checked out the hefty list of comics yet, give it a look HERE!



Microcosm is a cool publisher that you should definitely check out – a good place to start is via their complete publishing history (pictured above – click on the image to see a larger version!) They are celebrating their 20th anniversary by highlighting a different beloved independent bookstore every month. In August it was “iconic Chicago feminist bookstore Women & Children First” – read more about them HERE.

Check out Microcosm’s catalog of Zines (or “bookettes”) HERE!



Check out Kyung Me‘s solo show next week – Opening Reception: Wednesday, September 14th 6-8PM. Show runs September 14th – October 16th. You can read more about her work, and her book Bad Korean via this conversation with The Editorial Magazine.

Kyung Me is a 23-year old artist living in Queens, NY. Intricate, nightmarish and feminine, Kyung Me’s scenes appear to be from a long gone century of strife and tragic romance. We featured her drawing “Rabbit Canal” in issue 13, and here we talk to Kyung Me about her process and her tendency toward melodrama.” – via The Editorial Magazine

Get a copy of Bad Korean HERE.


To conclude – one last thing that you CANNOT sleep on…!! – this is probably the last weekend that you can take advantage of the pre-sale on Connor Willumsen’s new book Portraits. Check it out HERE.



Back next week with more news, although like many of you, I’ll be in some sort of tizzy getting ready for SPX! Good luck and have a good weekend! – Sally

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