Juan here with a Hannah K. Lee interview by Chris Diaz from 2015 and our upcoming workshops at Cartoon Crossroads Columbus

Here on the site we’ve got an interview of Hannah K. Lee by Chris Anthony Diaz.

This interview was conducted in 2015 via email.
Chris Anthony Diaz: In Shoes Over Bills no. 2, there’s a dichotomy in the page layout of materialism and desires (shoes) on the left side of the two-page spread and monthly obligations and needs (bills) on the right side of the spread, rendered in your colorful, stylized, retro graphics and typography. It’s a potent expression of what choices a young woman faces, enticed by beauty to spend her earnings on. Like two sides of a debate, one side wooing her to buy gratification in possessions or the other side pitching her to commit to practicality, like eating. How did this zine come about for you and what was the original impetus of this theme? (The dichotomy appears again in Everyone Else Is Younger And More Talented, so it appears to be a theme or expression that you are concerned with.)

Hannah K. Lee: Issues #2: Shoes over Bills was first a smaller chapter of a bigger project I wanted to do called No Money Mo Problems, A “lifestyle guide for impoverished freelancers”. A lot of those ideas were stupid, so I extracted Shoes over Bills and made it its own project. I started it right before I started my corporate day job, when I was learning about boring adult things like money management and regular visits to the dentist.

This weekend, the Comics Workbook team will be in Columbus for Cartoon Crossroads Columbus(CXC). We’ll be focused on facilitating comics creation for attendees this time around. We are offering 3 hours of comics workshops across the weekend and will have drop in activities and take home workbooks at our table on the marketplace floor. This is the first time we lean into the education mindset fully so we’re excited to see how it goes! If you’re in Columbus, be sure to stop by and say hello.

I’ve just taken a moment to review the programming for the weekend and the quality is off the charts. Cartoon Crossroads Columbus’ programming is incredible. The amount of things happening in just one hour on Saturday at the Columbus Metropolitan is crazy! Needless to say, if you like comics, get yourself to Columbus this weekend to meet and engage with the finest makers of comics in North America.

Don’t believe me? At 2pm, the following events will all be going on concurrently in the library:

  • Cartooning In The Time Of Trump, Part One: Mid-Term Mania
  • A Life’s Work with Lynn Johnston, Jason Lutes, Jim Woodring
  • Spotlight On Hartley Lin And Young Frances
  • Radical Praxis In Comics: Comics Practice As A Way Of Life And Community
  • Katie Skelly Spotlight

Talk about hitting it out of the ballpark.

I know I shouldn’t be surprised by this week of superb comics programming coming from the CXC organizing team and all their partners, but it’s really hitting me the degree to which this is the USA’s Angoulême. What a time to be alive making comics…

That’s it for now! See you in Columbus.

09-26-2018 – by Niall Breen

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